Top 25+ Best Android Emulators For Windows Pcs 2020

Let’s admit that the android emulators are the gamer’s best friend and an application developer blessing in disguise. Emulators don’t only make the gaming process easier but also save you from the unnecessary hassle that consumes ample of time. Emulators also allow application developers to test run their applications and games before going live with the activation. All in all, the best android emulators help to save time and allow an individual to have more control. Below we have an exhaustive list of the best android emulators in 2020, these have been tried and tested and received the highest ratings from their users and these are emulators for Windows. Let’s dive in!

1. Android Studio Emulator (Download Link)

First up is one of the most authentic android emulators for Windows on the list. Android Studio’s emulator is ideal for application developers because it has an extensive tool kit, these tools are designed to enable developers to make applications and games exclusively for android. This contains an Android Virtual Device (AVD) configuration that has the key characteristics of not just Android phones and tablets but also those of Android TV and Automotive Operating System devices which means any and every Android device can be simulated through this simulator. However, consider as one of the best Android emulators.

However, since the set up for this is time-consuming with numerous steps in the middle, we would not recommend it to those who are new to the world of gaming and application developing. Although a bit complex, this is the ultimate emulator for application developers!

2. Drastic DS Emulator (Download Link)

The reason that Drastic DS Emulator has made it to this list is because it contains all the essential controls that any developer needs in the android emulators. Along with saving and load states this application has a special feature; customization! It allows the user to personalize the screens of DS. The best part is It also supports hardware keyboards so it makes it fit for every sort of user. This application is compatible with a large number of game ROMs, and although a few glitches occur the application is suitable for any type of user.this emulator is one of the best Android emulators launched till yet. Moreover, this is one of the software Android emulators for Windows

3. ARChon Emulator (Download Link)

ARChon is one of the android emulators that are unique because it is different from the traditional emulators, it is more convenient especially for chrome users.  It can be installed as a google chrome extension and automatically enables Google Chrome to run Android applications and games requiring minimum support. However, ARChon may not be the easiest to install as it has to be installed in Chrome. APKs need to be obtained and loaded and may also have to be made compatible. Loading this emulator has numerous steps but it is worth the hassle because it is compatible with a majority of operating systems that can run Chrome. You can always log on to sites such as GitHub to get details instructions to assist you in its usage process

4. GenyMotion Emulator (Download Link)

GenyMotion is one of the special android emulators for Windows that is one of the best Android emulators and can be used independently as well as with Oracle VM VirtualBox. GenyMotion is every application developer’s favorite because it is a platform that allows you to test your applications on numerous devices as well as versions, a great way to run a pilot before going live. Its features allow the developer to get a feel of how the application will appear and function on each device, this allows early bugs and glitches to be detected ensuring the application is perfect before its launch. Apart from the many other pros the application’s player is also well known for its supersonic speed

5. AMIDUos Emulator (Download Link)

Although this Emulator is not free to use as most of the android emulators, it allows you to run a trial before you sign up for the paid version. The price is not one fixed amount, it changes based on the operating system being used by Android. This emulator is not best for consumer usage but great if the use is for work or other tasks that are productive in nature. It is not ideal for gaming but great for application development. In order to use this, it is important that the user has Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 or a greater version for using these sort of android emulators.

6. MEmu Emulator (Download Link)

If the intent is to use the best Android emulators for Windows applications interchangeably on Mobile and PC this emulator is the one for you. Ideal for business use this emulator offers you sophisticated business collaboration options. This also has an inbuilt tool kit for developers and numerous features for gamers as well. This gives a look and feel of what it would be like to have an android if it is being used by an iOS user. MEmu is also compatible with Windows 7 and above as well as Intel and NVIDIA. It has the ability to multitask and with its compatibility with Lollipop, KitKat and Jellybean may be good enough to replace your phone

7. Ko Player Emulator (Download Link)

This is one of the android emulators that are not for Mac users and is for Windows only. It has the capability to allow a large screen and high resolution and also allows the user to watch their favorite shows and movies. 

This player is every gamers favorite choice. This has the feature of allowing the user to record and upload gameplay, it also has HD resolution and best of all it is free of cost. KoPlayer supports a majority of Google Play’s applications and games. This allows you to alter your GPS location and also offers many interesting features such as external gamepad and drag and drop installation of applications which saves time and effort both.

8. Nox Player 6 (Download Link)

Nox is one of those android emulators that has often been proved useful and contains root options, it is in the running for the best app players for anyone’s pc. Any user having a google account can use this emulator using their google account credentials. Nox is ideal for those looking for an emulator for entertainment purposes, specifically gaming however if you are an app developer and have a business usage, we won’t suggest Nox for you.

9. Droid4X Emulator (Download Link)

The reason this one made it to this list is its added convenience. Droid4X saves you the hassle of rooting it as it gives you root access from the very start. The added advantage of these kinds of Android emulators are that it is very easy to use, so if you are new in the world of gaming and application development, Droix4X is just the one for you. DroidX also has a super-fast speed which makes it ideal for gaming, it also has Google Play installed so it is compatible with most games. However certain bugs have been reported but get overshadowed by the high-quality graphics, real-time video recording, and GPS simulation. All this in a lightweight package makes Droid4X a great emulator.

10. Bluestacks Emulator (Download Link)

Bluestacks is used by a large number of users because it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Although Bluestack joined the market before many competitors it holds a strong place because of its regular updates. Bluestacks has some popular features such as key-mapping and settings for numerous games that are installed. Bluestacks is popular and has numerous features, its features help improve the speed even if they’re used on old PCs which makes it a direct contender in our list.

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11. Bliss (Download Link)

Bliss stands out from the other emulators because it works via a virtual machine. It can however also run directly on your PC using a USB stick. Bliss is recommended for high power users and not beginners. Although the installation process is simple, it can get a bit exhausting. The USB installation method may be highly complex for some but is worth the effort as it allows the computer to run natively from boot. Since the system runs Android Oreo, which is a relatively new version of Android, it may not be easily available to all users, but for the tech enthusiasts, this one is definitely a catch.

12. Dolphin Emulator (Download Link)

Most of you must have heard about dolphin because it has been around for a while now. This application allows the user to play ROMs of games Game Cube and WI emulator with relative competence. This application has not been completely developed yet and contains most of the common features that are required in a basic emulator, but this requires you to have your own ROMs as that is not required by the emulator.

13. PrimeOS (Download Link)

PrimeOS may not qualify as an emulator but is definitely one that can be used as a useful alternative. This is installed as a partition on the PC and boots up running native. This specializes in gaming and can also be used for productivity if required. This includes a gaming center, also gives support for the mouse and keyboard and provides easy access to most apps and games.

14. Remix OS player (Download Link)

This one is relatively recent but has still made it on the list. This one runs Android Marshmallow and is good for those looking for a simple emulator. This has a hassle-free installation process and is user-friendly making it ideal for consumer usage and for beginners. This is more suited for gamers rather than application developers. This contains specific features for gamers and also allows the toolbar to be customized. It allows multi-tasking as more than one game can be run at once. It is also useful as a productivity tool, but the site runs a bit slow and no recent update to improve on this has been seen. Works for now but may not be the best for a user looking to optimize time and efficiency.

15. Xamarin Emulator (Download Link)

Xamarin is very similar to Android Studio in terms of features, it differs in the sense that it can connect to Microsoft Visual Studio for large scale development environment. This broad scope has both its positive and negative sides. This includes a built-in emulator for an app or game testing. However, this one is most suitable for developers specifically those developing a complex application for work purposes. The setup is long and complex and maybe too exhaustive for day to day use. This is not free, and a payment plan needs to be negotiated for this emulator.

16. You Wave Emulator (Download Link)

This is one of the older emulators and has been around for a while now. Although its updates are not very regular and the last one was around 3 years ago, it has a free version. It has two versions the Ice Cream Sandwich version being free and the Lollipop version being the paid one. The installation process is fairly easy, and this emulator is great for light gaming and product usage. Consumer use and new beginner use can easily be facilitated through this emulator.

17. Build Your Own emulator

This emulator is usually free, and its value proposition is clearly stated within its name. It has a process which includes downloading VirtualBox and then an image from Then you simply find an online guide and let the steps guide you with the rest of the process. This is not the easiest process but is relatively less tedious compared to rigorous setups of well-known emulators. However, it is best to first take the tutorial before trying this out because using this without prior knowledge might be a struggle. It has reported some bugs and may have to be fixed occasionally. This allows you to make endless customizations and is great for developers and coders who like to explore.

18. GBA emulator (Download Link)

John GBA Lite emulator has lots of extra features compared to basic emulators. Despite having numerous features, it plays on simplicity and is great for those who wish to avoid complications. The application offers inbuilt cheats as well as numerous options to make the rendering price better. The dropbox support feature is also helpful as it allows your large data to be automatically synced and then saved to the cloud preventing large storage space from being occupied. This also has a feature of Bluetooth support which makes connectivity even easier.

19. GBAoid Emulator (Download Link)

GBAoid is not as up to date compared to the other options available. However, it still made it to this late for two reasons. Firstly, it is completely free and secondly because it offers all the key features which are required from a GBA emulator for Android. This is an old tried and tested classic and may not be a bad option for those looking for free emulators.

20. GBA.emu. (Download Link)

This one is an excellent feature-rich emulator. The best part is that it has a free version as well and the free version is operationally similar to its paid version. The option between choosing the free and paid version gives the user a lot of flexibility and the paid version has the added advantage of giving the user an ad-free experience.

21. My Boy! Emulator (Download Link)

Playstore is lucky to have the My Boy emulator and it is the most prominent one out of all the others. It is famous and has earned great popularity because of its superior performance. The premium version has the additional adblocker feature, but a fairly good experience can be enjoyed without purchasing the premium package as well.

22. Xebra Emulator (Download Link)

The Xebra Emulator is a complex one because of its user interface which is not the easiest to use. The application developer has hence provided an instruction video to remove this confusion. Once the user is able to understand the complexity, he will be able to appreciate the usefulness of this powerful application. This does not only provide high-resolution graphics but also has a very highly responsive controller layout.

23. ClassicBoy Emulator (Download Link)

This supports SNK NeoGeo, NES, most Game Boy systems up via Advance. This is a well-organized emulator as it has its own packs of features along with a set which works on all of these. Numerous features are included in this application including save/load states, sensor support and gesture controls. Although some stability issues have been reported, and the application is not free, the user is given the option of running a trial before purchase.

24. Tencent Gaming Buddy (Download Link)

The developers for this emulator are also the developers for PUBG and hence they created an emulator specifically for gaming. This emulator can handle high-end games. It is optimized to run efficiently even on a low performing PC. It allows you to install any APK along with the OBB and enables the user to play all the hardcore games they like.

25. Andy Emulator (Download Link)

Andy is simple but a very powerful emulator for both PC and Mac. It allows you to sync all devices connected which means the user is spared from the hassle of transferring game progress. It allows the user to enjoy games on a big screen converting the phone into a controller. It has high compatibility and hence allows any user to play any game on a desktop.

26. LDPlayer Emulator (Download Link)

This is specifically designed for a niche; playing mobile games on Windows. This emulator allows the user to operate with ease in multiplayer games. The compatibility allows various types of games to be played offering smooth controls and efficient operations. Additional to gaming, google play store can also be accessed as well as google mobile services suite for other applications. This is one of the most recommended emulators for PC users.

27. NDS Emulator (Download Link)

Although this is a new one to the emulator family, it has all the essential features such as save states and load states. This gives the user a lot of autonomy as they can customize on-screen gamepads however the drawback is that it has a few ads.

Now let’s have a look at Emulators that are famous for particular features.

Play Station Emulators

1. FPse Emulator (Download Link)

This is another popular emulator for Android. This offers an in-depth customization experience to the user. This is great for users who like a variety of options and lots of settings, plug-ins and other things. This application allows the graphics to look great and also allows the frame rates to be adjusted. Numerous other things can be improved, and the application also offers hardware controller support options.

2. ePSXe Emulator (Download Link)

ePSXe Emulator is one of the finer emulators for Android and this one targets users who are fans of simplicity. This emulator works most of the time. All you need is to in reality load your ROM and you are prepared to go. This app additionally includes digital keyboard personalization, hardware controller support, and the usual stuff such as save and load states. Those who don’t favor to alter with their settings, they ought to definitely clutch this one. The drawback however is that its numerous features come for a price and this one is not free. It does not include a free demo as well, however once purchased the journey is free of in app purchases and unnecessarily complications.

PSP Emulators

1. PPSSPP Emulator (and Gold) (Download Link)

This one is specifically for those who are PSP enthusiasts who want to take their gaming on the road. This allows the user to not only play all their favorite games but those to in high definition, simply on their mobile devices. The app also offers controls that can be personalized such as the tilt sensitivity option.

2. PSPlay PSP Emulator. (Download Link)

If you are looking for a recent app built in a modern format and are a PSP fan this app may just be the one for you. PSPlay is aesthetically designed and its controller allows you to continue from where you stopped last time which is brilliant. It allows you to play all your favorite games and does not restrict you by your GPS location. It allows you to take advantage of both, network capabilities and save states.

3. PSP Emulator Pro (Download Link)

Along with having the ultimate features this application has the unique option to play against your friends. This allows the user to join their friends to play games, all on a mobile device. Allowing Bluetooth connectivity is one of the many features this app is famous for, and hence creates the user gaming experience more exciting and rememberable.

4. Rocket PSP Emulator (Download Link)

This emulator is suitable for both, beginners and experienced individuals. This emulator transforms your average PSP experience into one that is worth remembering. The quality of both, the graphics and the sound are incomparable.

5. PSPlay PSP Emulator (Download Link)

This is different from conventional applications as it is modern and efficient. It allows you to hook up a controller through Bluetooth. This is the dream for regular PSP users and allows you to enjoy both network capabilities and save states.

N64 Emulators

1. Mupen64Plus FZ (N64 Emulator) (Download Link)

This is one of the new N64 emulators that have entered the market and is not recommended for beginners as it is not the easiest to use. It has a lot of games and memory and the user will have to view the guide given by the developer to make the most out of the application. This emulator offers numerous plugins along with key attributes and is definitely a highly recommended option

2. MegaN64(N64) Emulator (Download Link)

This is a popular and well known Nintendo 64 emulator for android this year. This uses the Mupen64 emulator. The developers continuously update and improve this application. Although this app has some compatibility issues, they are not very severe. The added benefit is that this application is free and has very few advertisements.

3. ClassicBoy Emulator (Download Link)

This is a multi-system emulator. This supports numerous GameBoy systems. This contains multiple platforms where each has a bunch of features that work on all of them. This has an N64 emulator portion that works well overall. You can also try the application before purchasing it.

4. RetroArch Emulator (Download Link)

RetroArch is unique as it allows you to interact with other emulators which makes it very special. These emulators are represented in “Cores” and there are numerous cores provided by Retroarch which the user can choose from for each type of system which he or she wants to emulate. VBA-M and m-GBA are the best options in this application

SNES Emulators

1. SuperRetro 16 (Download Link)

SuperRetro is undoubtedly the best SNES emulators on the list. Despite having a wide variety of features to choose from it is simple to use with no complexities and tedious procedures. Any user can install and use it with efficiency. This is flexible enough to be Chrome cast and used on an android TV as well

2. John SNES (Download Link)

John SNES is another one for the SNES fans out there. Apart from being simple, it has flexible controls as well. This is not a free application however and may cause the user a couple of dollars. It however also offers a lite version which can be used as a free version and also as a demo version before purchasing the original version.

3. EmuBox (Download Link)

Emubox is famous as a fast emulator and contains a sophisticated combination of supported systems. The best part about this is that it can support SNES, PSX, NES and Nintendo and Gameboy as well!. This is easy to use the emulator and the settings can be changed by the user if they intend to improve the performance.


Emulators allow you to run any sort of application on your desktop and provide you with larger displays and better controls. We hope this extensive list of emulators allows you to choose the one of the best Android emulators which is best suited for your needs so that you do not have to deal with the problems of limited battery life or a restriction of using on application at a time anymore.  Enjoy endless gaming and rigorous application testing on your PC

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