Top 15 Best Android Games Not Available in Google Play Store

Every year online gaming geeks and fanatics impatiently wait for the android versions of their favorite games or just the record-breaking latest android games. Up to date, Android phone versions offer high-end graphics quality and compatibility with almost all gaming software. 

This rapid technological advancement in the gaming domain has given Android phone users access to complex and top-rated games of all time.

On Android phones, the Google play store offers millions of games of different types. Still, there are few most played and popular games that have not made it to the Google Play platform. 

There could be multiple reasons like a Gaming production house not fulfilling Google Terms of Service or maybe because Google play deducts the 30% from all in-app purchase sales made through the game.

However, Android being an open-source system allows independent third party gaming houses to host their games without any extra troubleshooting from the player’s end. Except that the user needs to download his games from the respective game store.

Following are the current 15 most popular games that are not available on the Google Play store

1. Fortnite

With the base of 250 million players, Fortnite is one of the most played games after PUBG. This is a multiplayer Battle Arena Game that allows players to form their battling squads or groups and play. 

3 mode versions of the game, Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative have been launched to date.

Epic Games is the American Software development company, housing 1000+ employees and has a worth of $15 billion. It has own game engine for video games and cloud gaming software available for games such as Fortnite. 

With such a huge company infrastructure and mature gaming engines available, Epic games developed its own Gaming Store and it is capable of handling all in-app purchases on its own.

For Samsung Android users the Fortnite game can be easily downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy App Store. For other Android phones, the users need to sign up on the Fortnite play store and then download the game.

Epic Games has introduced a new update of PartyHub in the Fortnite android game. The purpose of PartyHub is to gather your gaming circle online. You can Voice Chat and view online friends before starting the game.

If you have the latest version of Fortnite updated then install the Partyhub update Fortnite downloads.

From installing this update, joining a live chat room to chat while playing all queries are addressed at Frequently Asked Questions page of the official site.

2. > Eternal Frontier

Based on Mugen no Frontier Chinese Manga series first video game of Eternal Frontier was released in 2008. Eternal Frontier video game was the combined effort of The Chinese Gaming software developer Banpresto, Monolith Soft, Bandai Namco Games.

The android version of Eternal Frontier is developed by known Chinese Software Developer Netease

Eternal frontier is a Shooting game with the base of thousands of online game players. The game is in the Chinese language so it takes some time for rookie players to learn the Ropes. Once you get used to starting the game and getting into the arena it is extremely engaging. One of the major reasons is the heavy programming done to provide players the realistic effect of gaming scenarios. The 3D effect makes it graphics interesting and puts a vivid impact on the player.

Two gaming modes are supported by Eternal Frontier Android software. PvP and PvE.

PvP is used for playing and setting Missions in the game.

PvE is Battle Royal Mode.

You can download Eternal Frontier latest versions from APK and

3. N.O.V.A 3 – Freedom

Ready to go on an action venture with loaded guns and heavy artillery. The advanced shooting gears used in this game make it attractive for the player looking for thriller action-adventure games.

Designed by one the best and mature software developer Gameloft, this game has an active player base of more than thousands of people playing it online at any given time globally.

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 is available on APP stores. Rated 9/10, this game fulfills the requirements of interactive background objects, high definition graphics, and engaging gaming scheme. There are no in-app purchases, just practice your skills and get playing. The freedom addition was released initially for android through Google play store but afterward, due to compatibility issues, the game was removed.

To enjoy the imaginative outlook of game designers and engage in inter galaxy wars download N.O.V.A 3 – Freedom visit the official site

4. NES Games

Want to play the childhood games like Mario, Jackal, Street Fighter, Battle city, Contra on your latest android version. Nintendo Entertainment System Games is just the right place to download these games. With the light and cheap graphics as compared to the latest games, NES games can be downloaded on any android phone.NES provides Apk and an Emulator App to run the 100+ games. A virtual controller in every game gives an effect of Joystick on the screen.

most played games include Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour, Fire Emblem Heros, Dr. Mario World, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

You can download the emulator and the app from the Media Fire site.

5. FIFA 14

The game designed for millions of football fans around the globe FIFA 14 is about  FIFA world cup 2014. Initially released for the Playstations Xbox and Nintendo 3D in September was later launched as the freemium for iOS and Android on September 23, 2013. Its Legacy edition is released in the Spanish language by Electronic Arts Studio, and pretty much inaccessible without in-app purchases still has been the most played game to date.

The game offers the best realistic graphics when portraying the 33 licensed international leagues, of 600 clubs with more than 1600 players,47 fully licensed international teams and a legend team.

FIFA Ultimate Team was introduced in FIFA 10. This mode allows the player to build their own team based on the real-life characters of football players. Both offline and online tournaments can be played. 

single vs single-player mode is also available but it does not come under the tournament category.

Over 62 stadiums with 32 real-world venues are a new addition to FIFA 14

There have been 11million downloads of FIFA android game. You can download the game from up to

6. Dead Space

Dead space is a creation of an Australian Software developer company Iron Monkey Studios in collaboration with Electronic Arts.

Iron Monkey Studios have always pushed the creative boundaries when it comes to the production of the thriller and racing games. Looking for interesting story plots as well as killer graphics and animation techniques then Iron Monkey Studios have got you covered.

Played through a third person’s perspective with wide and vibrant foreground graphics Dead space is known for invigorating the cinematic effects into an Android game.

Dead Space is A horror survival fiction game where the protagonist is an engineer named Isaac Clarke. The main character has to fight the alien species in a starship scenario and clear all stages to escape the quarantined area. Necromorphs are the corpses of the dead crew reincarnated as evil beings 

Easy and interactive controls of a game make it easy for the player to get involved in the story. Six various environments can be easily navigated with on-screen seamless controls. Fight with Necromorphs with simple swipe and screen tap.

In dead space dimension 3 innovative weapon gears including Core Extractor, Plasma Saw are available that make the game more interesting to play.

You can download the updated version from

7. Flappy Bird

Creation of a Vietnamese Andriod game programmer and Video game Artist Dong Nguyen, Flappy bird gained a lot of popularity during the span of three years, 2012 to 2014. 

It was available on the Google Play store initially but afterward taken down by the developer himself.

From poor reviews like offering a high level of difficulty to the good reviews of being an addictive game Flappy bird earned $50,000 per day on both in-app advertisements and sales.

The revised version known as  Flappy Birds Family was released on August 2014 exclusively for the Amazon Fire TV. 

This arcade game has the main character of a bird named” Faby”.

The player has to fly the bird without running into different pillars in the way. This side scroll game is a real test of patience. Fun to play for a few moments and becomes frustrating with each advancing level.

Scoring more than five points is a real challenge because the layer has to maintain a steady flying pace which is not possible without practicing it multiple times. Each time the bird hits a pillar the game starts over from stage one with different background scenarios and different colored birds.

The Andriod system requirement for Flappy bird is Android 2.2 or later versions. If you want to try your luck with Flappy bird download it from Up to Down

8. Zen Bound | Puzzle Game

Zen Bound is a calm puzzle game developed by Secret Exit and released on Nokia N900 in February 2009. This indie game is still available on the App store. It offers the player to lay back and relax while solving the soothing yet challenging puzzle game. This game has received much appreciation due to its unique gameplay and outlook. The sharp and well-defined graphics capture the attention right away. The purpose of the game is to color the displayed object completely by wrapping it using a finite length of rope. There 3 modes of easy intermediate and difficult stages in the game. The user can play the game with the Nintendo tool and tilt control. The object rotates according to the rotation of handheld gadgets

2 initial stages can be played as a demonstration on the lite version of the game.

Among the latest features, the Zen bound supports multiple languages, over 100 levels, the latest surround soundtrack version 5.1. To play the latest ZenBound version visit the official site

9. Millet Shootout Battle Field 

Among the top-rated shooting games Millet shoots out is considered the Chinese version of PUBG. The game offers High-end graphics and vivid changing battlefield backgrounds. Studio Xiaomi Games is the publisher Millet Shootout Battle Field.

Players can move across multiple arenas of battle, search for the secret weapons and win battles against different opponents. There are multiple battle modes: 

Battlefield mode, mode of royal battle and classic PVP

Players must gain and hold points in the battlefield mode.

The aim does not operate with much accuracy in royale battle mode and battlefield mode.

Defeat a group with strategic fighting. Play against zombies and there is a lot more offered by this interactive game.

The game can be downloaded from the App mirror site.

10. Duke Nukem 3D

Published by the 3D realm Duke Nukem is the continuation of platform games Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II. This is another shooting game that gained much popularity with the release of the Andriod version in 2011 after the original game initially developed in 1996.

Duke Nukem is about the adventures of the main character who fights against an alien invasion on earth. This game is known for popularizing first-person shooters

Duke Nukem has received many positive reviews about the game design, gameplay, interactive environments and contemporary portrayal of pop culture, Hollywood classics, and modern art techniques.

The violent outlook, objectification of women and erotic scenes gained an equal number of controversial reviews.

Download the latest version of Duke Nukem 3D from Up to

11. Tiny Thief

Rovio developer of a known game Angry birds have created Tiny thief. The main character of the game is a white-collar criminal who steals objects on each advancing level in-game. A 2D puzzle game with interactive objects-ie -tap on a person to talk to him. All 15 levels of the game are free and character needs to find his pets along with stealing objects.3stars must be maintained at each level to move to the next one. Available in 4 different languages requires the android version 2.3.3 or higher. Currently, there have been more than a hundred thousand downloads of the tiny thief and it has successfully maintained 4.2 stars. Tiny thief is available at Up to Down

12. Resident Evil 4(Bio Hazard 4)

Horror and action games rarely offer an interesting story, characters, and unpredictable shifts throughout the game, but Resident Evil 4(Bio Hazard 4) gained massive success after its release as a play station game.

Eventually, Resident Evil made it to Windows and won numerous awards. Developed by Japanese Game House Capcom, Resident Evil 4 is now available on android platforms.

Interactive Zoom in the feature which was not available in previous versions has made game effects more realistic. This allows the player to view the zombies as the third person from the (Leon)protagonist’s shoulder and gives the first-person view when looking from the rifle.

High-quality graphics and excellent gameplay are also available in the android version.

The latest update in the game tests the player’s skills to survive with the minimum available artillery and gears.

Previous versions only offered shooting up and down, now the laser-sight feature instead of crosshair has made this game more thrilling.

The current version has more kinds of faster and powerful zombies.

Zombies in the latest game have their own weapons but after shooting them down, you can not pick their weapons. These creatures can now appear from just around the corner and might infect you from their saliva. Aim right and shoot at the opponent(zombies) before getting wasted.

To play the game smoothly and learn the map this game requires fast shooting skills and clever strategies.

The sound effects have improved and have added an extra flare to the spine-tingling experience of the game. The horror music intensifies as you approach a zombie, a sudden attack can be identified with even horrifying and high pitched music notes. Try not to panic when playing with all volumes up.

You can play Resident Evil 4(Bio Hazard 4) on an android version of 4.0 or the latest.

Get all information and fetch Apk,Obb files for the game from here.

Download it and enjoy the horror, thriller venture.  

13. Payday Crime War

A Cops vs Robbers game has never been this interesting and engaging. Join the robber’s group or be among the justice fighters, it is your call.

With every advancing level, there are dozens of upgrades on players’ weapons, tools, masks, and accessories.

Developed by universal studios interactive, this multiplayer shooting game is well adept to the touch screen devices and. There is a joystick on the left of the screen to navigate the player in the desired direction. The buttons displayed on the right are for shooting down the opponents.

The objective is to guard the safe, if you are playing as a Cop and break down the safe when playing as a robber.

This team-based game offers high-end graphics and gets interesting with each challenging level.

Get access to the updated android version of Pay Day crime war from Up to

14. Backstab

Henry blake a proud captain of England’s navy force gets betrayed by Spanish Troops, his fiance taken away and after imprisonment finally finds his way out of the remote area he is kept at.

This game is about the vengeful struggle to seek freedom and justice. Developed by game loft this action-packed game has gained much attention due to the interesting plot. There have been more than 500,000 downloads of its latest android version.

Fight your way through the adversaries and changing brilliant scenarios, Employ your best fighting skills and advance to even complex yet interesting levels.

Features like climbing, sneaking and jumping make the 3D experience more realistic than ever.

Move around freely through beaches, vast islands, jungles volcanos and much more. Gather the required tools, information, and secrets, kill anyone setting resistance on your way out.

Four different cities are presented in the game to fight quests and unravel secrets. Players get to experience 18th century Carribean sea sites with the life-like sound effects. The game is played through clever strategy and extreme combat.

Craving for a single-player game with the thrilling plot twists, download the Backstab from

This game can be downloaded on Andriod version 5.0 or later.

15. Red Bull Wingsuit Aces

In for an adventurous sky diving experience;  you need not look any further. Red bull known for arranging real games worldwide is now developing games on e-platforms aswell. 

Red Bull Wingsuit Aces due to the uniqueness of its genre made it among the most played android games not available in Google play store. 

Published in 2016, Wingsuit aces makes sure to give its players an adrenaline rush. 

Put your vertical racing skills to test by playing thrilling skydiving challenges and modifying wingsuits according to your choice. 

Vivid and realistic graphical effects with the range of stunning scenarios presented in-game has made this game more engaging than ever. Pack your parachute choose the place to sky-dive and enjoy. 

Play single-player mode and see how fast you can fly.

Step up your game by challenging others in head to head multiplayer races.

Polish your skills and compete in tournaments.

State of the art holographic glasses, 9 types of wingsuits and 9 stages are available in the game.

You can set the limit higher by winning each stage. Get access to the blueprints of advanced diving suits by racing fastest at each level. 

Every level offers wild races, obstacles and captivating scenes of breathtaking landscapes.

It’s all fun and games until you have no storage space left. Your android must fulfill the following requirements to play Red Bull Wingsuit aces.

2GB RAM, Andriod Version 4.2 or later, the minimum pixel resolution of 1280×720.

Download the updated version of the game from apk and enjoy this extreme sport.


This sums up our reviews for the latest most played Andriod Games not available on Google Play Store. Let us know in comments if you want one of your favourite or a blockbuster third party android game to be reviewed.


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