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Top 15 Best Android Games Not Available in Google Play Store

Every year online gaming geeks and fanatics impatiently wait for the android versions of their favorite games or just the record-breaking latest android games. Up to date, Android phone versions offer high-end graphics quality and compatibility with almost all gaming software.  This rapid technological advancement in the gaming domain has given Android phone users access...


How to Refresh Mozilla Firefox – 5 Easy Steps

You’re rushing to meet a deadline. You type a website’s address on your browser’s search bar. You’re anxiously waiting for it to open so you can get on with your work. It starts loading…and it keeps loading. You wait and you wait…and then you wait some more… Sound familiar?  We’ve all been in a situation...


Top 10 Best Snapseed Alternatives Apps For Android 2020

After being released in 2020, google Snapseed app has ruled over the world. The complete package is offering detailed picture editing options. It is a production of Nik Software which is specifically mentioning not owned by Google. It enables the users to enhance and improve the quality of captured pictures with a profusion of digital...


How To Use Instagram Stories Strategically (Ultimate Guide) 2020

With a user base of 300 million plus and ground-breaking features like ‘Stories’ which disappear over a span of 24 hours, Instagram has evolved into one of the most sought-after portals of social media marketing. User statistics have revealed that one in every five stories receive a direct message and the same can even be...