Top 10 Best Action Games for Android 2020

There was once an era when we would gather some bucks, make efforts to save them for a special reason afterward, Arcade. There used to be enthusiastic competitions among the gamers that had a thrill of its own. As the generations proceeded, the thirst for a better experience got flared up, and console gaming was introduced among the masses. Playstation, Xbox, Wii, along with gaming PCs became a handy trend in the gamer’s community. A wide variety of uniquely exciting games got developed for specific gaming platforms that planted galvanizing war between Playstation and Xbox, to be precise. With better and better games being released for both platforms by different gaming companies it became a hot topic worldwide. Among all these events, there came the dawn of smartphones and new gaming experience, the contenders of which were IOS for Apple and Android for smartphone companies, namely Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and many more. Shinning some light on the operating system of Android, released on September 23, 2008, it delivered some of the nonpareil smartphones, each better than the last. Incorporating the equally brilliant gaming experience into its one of many fantastic features, android offered its users a never-ending list of amazing games, with literally every all the genres available. Since its inception, it released the legendary Tetris and gradually landing onto some of the most iconic games like Call of duty, Pubg and Subway surfer, etc. Following is a list that highlights top 10 best action games for Android:

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1. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale qualifies as one of the best android action game as it combines the cartoony graphics style with a thrilling last-man-standing action-packed showdown that delivered a bonanza. This game offers nail-biting gameplay sessions between players spanning a few minutes which further makes it more exciting to play. Adopting a pattern of infamous Pubg and Fortinite, the player sets foot in a random area with a bunch of competitive opponents, as the battle starts, the race for survival till the last begins. Scavenging and hunting for items and opponents while watching for yourself and keeping an eagle eye on the surroundings. The game promises a full-on jam-packed action ride for the gamers. One of the worth mentioning aspect of the game is that you are limited in carrying only one weapon and the ammo is also scarce, which leads to some intense moments in the gameplay. There is also a mode where the gamer can pair up with a friend or any random player and double the fun. It is an exceptional choice for a time-killer.


 JYDGE is a coarse and vicious top-down twin-stick shooter that is a flat out the impact to play. You are the JYDGE, a robotic hatchet man official who utilizes his Gavel to parcel out some RoboCop-style justice. Each level highlights various challenges that are required to advance yet never feel like a trudging errand. Reallocating unlawful money en route, you are enabled to update JYDGE and his hammer with a profound choice of adornments. In that manner, JYDGE holds the maverick like component from its antecedent Neon Chrome by urging you to replay levels with various overhaul upgrades until you complete every one of the challenging tasks. With a game having replay levels, again and again, it’s basic to find that blend of extraordinary ongoing interaction with an intriguing soundtrack that isn’t overly irritating or dull, and JYDGE completely promises a meticulously inspiring experience. Deal ruthless Justice with lead, rockets, lasers, electricity, and other deadly tools of the law. It is among the best action games on android.

3. >Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG being one of the most popular games of all time with a huge fan-base around the world, has made it to the cell phone of our own! Kudos to the endeavors of android and the engineers Lightspeed and Quantum. The Mobile version of PUBG has set the world stage on fire and is among the hot games in the action genre. This game offers PUBG’s unique guide, Erangel, a deserted, ambiguously Eastern European 8km x 8km island. The deserted army installation to worn out atomic power plant has made it to the Mobile rendition of the game. Each of the apparatus, weapons, and vehicles accessible when PUBG first left Early Access is here as well.

The game is thoroughly free. You can sign in as either a visitor or with Facebook to play. Interactivity and everyday login prizes will acquire your record understanding and fight focuses, which can be spent on cartons that contain an irregular bit of dress for your character. Dissimilar to in the PC rendition, you don’t begin with any accessible garments, yet getting at any rate some jeans doesn’t take excessively long. It’s just fine if PUBG Mobile reliably reproduces the island’s topography and gives you a chance to utilize every one of the weapons and drive every one of the vehicles of the first game, however, in the event that the controls aren’t capable, everything self-destructs. The game uses virtual joysticks for player development and camera control, and a major catch with a projectile on the correct will shoot your weapon. It’s somewhat cumbersome from the outset. However, it feels entirely liquid after a couple of games.

4. Tesla vs. Lovecraft

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is the most recent game from Finnish engineers 10tons Ltd, and it’s a genuine threat. The game pits Nikola Tesla and his advanced tech innovations against a vindictive H.P. Lovecraft who has released unlimited rushes of nightmarish beasts that will rapidly swarm around you except if you battle back. This is a fantastically cleaned game that utilizations twin-stick controls for moving and shooting. The crusade step by step increments in trouble with well more than 200 adversaries producing on-screen at once on the off chance that you aren’t quick with your trigger finger. Luckily, there are catalysts and advantages in abundance which are open in maverick like the style. You gather XP as you kill beasts and get another advantage each time you level up. Catalysts and weapons arbitrarily bring forth on the guide, and you’ll additionally need to gather the six pieces required to fabricate Tesla’s mech, which can chop down any swarm quite promptly. The touchscreen controls feel good, and the game likewise offers extraordinary help for Bluetooth controllers, which is constantly fabulous to find in a top-notch game. There’s a huge amount of substance incorporated with the base game, alongside some DLC accessible that offers new beasts, weapons, and substantially more. Try not to be stress, and the game feels cleaned without expecting to dish out more cash; however, once you’ve at last endured everything that Tesla versus Lovecraft brings to the table, you may be happy there’s somewhat more to investigate.


To many’s surprises, this game has too arrived in the smartphone of gamers. ICEY is a fairly unassuming section in the Google Play Store that would be not entirely obvious. However, that would be a not-to-do thing. At its center, ICEY is a 2D side-looking over action game where you play as the main character, a puzzling robotic warrior that is a genuine kick-ass. The game plays faultlessly, with tight controls and new aptitudes to be opened and overhauled as you progress through the game. It would, at present, discover a spot on this rundown. In any case, that is only the start, and there’s likewise a whole meta-story at play here investigating the connection between the player and the storyteller. The storyteller will direct you around the globe and disclose to you where you ought to go, and yet some spicy unpredictability elements rise if you decide to disobey the storyteller. There are layers to this game and a sizeable rundown of trophies to open. On the off chance that you love outside the box games and meta-humor you certainly ICEY is what you need in your game list.

6. Call of Duty Mobile

Now comes a game that is considered one of the most iconic games of all time. Before, we’ve seen an independent port of the community Zombies mode, a strong single-player battle with inquisitive vital components, and even a skeptical freemium Clash of Clans like base structure recreation yet never an appropriate online multiplayer experience. All things considered, here it is. On the backs of the enormous ubiquity of Fortnite on portable and the allowed to-play PUBG Mobile, Activision and Chinese gaming juggernaut Tencent have sent Call of Duty: Mobile, created by TiMi Studios, on the two iOS and Android. It’s an online shooter that plays like an allowed to-play most noteworthy hits bundle, uniting well known Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps while changing over the commonplace controller or console/mouse ongoing interaction to contact control. Incredibly, it works. Call of duty: Mobile doesn’t appear to be a profoundly undermined or watered-down version of the well- established multiplayer design; it just feels like Call of Duty. Call of duty: Mobile has a similar stream and rhythm of battle as its partners on comforts and the PC, the equivalent fulfilling fly to a headshot or horrible strain of a blade to a back. It likewise has a portion of similar modes unblemished, including group deathmatch, the region controlling Domination, and the great Gun Game, in which you attempt to be the principal player to pile on one execute each with 20 distinct weapons. The 5v5 matches are brief, be that as it may, regularly enduring a couple of moments because of the more tightly execute and point counts. This is a game intended for shorter sessions. In that sense, Call of Duty: Mobile feels like it’s upgraded for cell phones and tablets. In any case, with regards to the controls, unmistakably, Activision and Tencent are doing as well as can be expected with a touch interface. It’s not perfect to go from the accuracy of physical controls to a variety of virtual fastens on the screen, yet regardless I saw the controls as successful for exploring the landscape and flying off shots. The game slides you into the action by filling your initial matches with A.I. enemies, driving my underlying K/D proportion to stunning new statures. That didn’t keep going for long, in any case, as genuine rivals immediately squashed my fleeting sense of self.

7. Island Delta

Island Delta was distributed by the fine people at Noodlecake Studios, which alone makes it worth looking at — created by Mantisbite out of Finland. Island Delta cuts exceptional top-down action-experience puzzler enjoyable to Android. You’re entrusted with investigating a puzzling retro-cutting edge island with your legends, Zoe and Baxter, as you attempt to bring down the malevolent Doctor Gunderson and his military of colleagues. Utilizing your repulsive force firearm, you should work your way past mechanical cronies, traps, and monitors as you understand riddles to endure as far as possible of each level. Now and again, Island Delta feels like a stripped-down, third-individual variant Portal, which is something we didn’t know we required in our life. The cartoony illustrations and exceptional level plan will quickly attract you. However, this game can get genuinely testing now and again. Luckily, the game is genuinely lenient with checkpoints. It is genuine masterclass for an action lover.

8. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is the spin-off of the honor winning game Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is additionally a standout amongst other battling games for Android. In the event that you’ve played and appreciated the primary game, you’re certain to appreciate the spin-off, which includes more dream battle coordinate ups between your most loved legends and scoundrels from the DC Universe. Open new legends and fabricate your definitive group as you fight in 3 versus 3 battles with the capacity to swap out warriors as required. The standard suspects are Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn, just in general slew of new saints and miscreants which you’ll find and open as you play. Controls are streamlined for Android and feel far superior to they did in the primary game. It’s simpler than to bounce, duck, and shoot shots, with epic Super Moves accessible to polish off your adversaries. Graphically this game truly sparkles, controlled by the Unreal motor. You begin with a Campaign mode just, with Arena, Story, Operations, and Challenge modes opened later on. Like the primary game, Injustice 2 is allowed to-play with a stamina bar to oversee and mint pieces and precious stones to gather and spend. There are in-application buys in case you’re restless and need to open new characters rapidly. However, there’s much amusing to be had without spending a dime.

9. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is passed on outstanding amongst other battling games on the portable stage. While Tekken and Injustice 2 are great as well, their versatile variants couldn’t repeat a similar encounter that they offer on supports. Mortal Kombat X remains the special case in such a manner. The notable characters, over-the-top moves and fierce fatalities, all stream down in an outwardly shocking structure in Mortal Kombat X. There is a lot of carnage and ridiculous savagery, which is all caught in dazzling subtlety, something that is a mark component of the establishment. You can participate in a 3V3 fight with three warriors on your side and manufacture a list of various characters, challenge different players in an online bloodfest, and find support from partners during a fight. Taps and swipes are what comprise the ongoing interaction mechanics, while the prizes can be utilized to purchase new characters, customization things, insults, and so on. Fatalities are somewhat difficult to execute; however, trust me, they hold up is justified, despite all the trouble. The X-beam scene of break bones, blood splashing, and flying skulls is gore at its best. While the crusade mode in Mortal Kombat X is astounding, the game offers a lot of other game modes too, including a Quest Mode where you can send your assortment of Mortal Kombat contenders on epic journeys to pick up remunerations. You can likewise look at ‘Shao Kahn’s Tower,’ where you’ll need to battle to the top to acquire ability focuses and soul pieces. Additionally, in the event that you need, you can play against genuine players in the Faction Wars too.

10. Fortnite

Now comes the famously compared game with Pubg, Fortnite. It can be known as an increasingly vivid and inventive form of PUBG with less reasonable fight settings and more in-game substance than any Android title game out there. The game is essentially an impact. The reason continues as before, for example, make due until you are the sole player alive or kill the most extreme number of adversaries in a predetermined time. There are different modes, for example, solo, pair, squad, and Playground, close by a huge amount of constrained time occasions, including a 50v50 mode, huge group mode, and much more. In any case, what sets Fortnite separated from each other Battle Royale game out there is the structure component included. You can ‘ranch’ materials by stalling nearly all that you find in the guide including trees, houses, shakes, and even autos, and you can utilize those materials to manufacture structures to get spread when you need it or arrive at higher ground to use as a superior vantage point for killing. Yet, more significantly, Fortnite includes a great deal of jazz and wild things that are elusive in some other game out there. Keep in mind those cheeky move moves called acts out?

At that point, there are some crazy weapons, for example, guided rockets, boogie bombs, and a ton of other fun stuff. The maximum control on the screen and concurrent slaughtering and development can be somewhat overpowering at the outset, yet once you get a grip of it, it is difficult to put your cell phone away. The customization alternatives are unending, and the ongoing interaction stays new with the standard expansion of substance with new every season and occasion. Much the same as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite likewise has a season pass called ‘Fight Pass’ which opens week by week missions and restorative prizes, including acts out, skins, lightweight planes, and a large group of other stuff that you can use in the game. Also, in the event that you would prefer not to pay for the Battle Pass, there’s a free variation that is accessible to everybody with a lower number of missions and prizes, yet practically the entirety of the good times. What is a thing to consider about Fortnite is the way that despite the fact that this is a fight royale game, not every person is gunning for success in matches. You’ll go over individuals who are essentially constructing preposterously goal-oriented structures, attempting to finish time-preliminaries that are peppered around the guide, and fundamentally simply having some good times. It’s a carefree game, and many individuals play it that way. You should look at Fortnite in case you’re searching for a fiercely extraordinary fight royale experience than some other game out there.


The games mentioned in this article not only provide a clear picture of the best games in the android in the action genre but also combine the thrill with the team play. Most of the games included in our list are available online and can be played in a team, and that is the reason for them as the market leaders in the gaming industry.

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