Top 10 Best Clone Apps To Setup Multiple Accounts 2020

It’s a common practice for a lot of people to have more than one account on the same app. People prefer multiple accounts for private or business reasons. Till a few years ago having two accounts was honestly a pain. It was time-consuming and frustrating. Then came clone Apps. (*loud music in the background for dramatic effects*) 

They help to use multiple accounts on the same app, giving a separate notification for each of them as well as a separate data storage option. Here is the list of someone of the best clone apps for the year 2020 that can be used on your smartphone

1) Parallel Space (Download Link)

Considered as one of the top-ranked and best clone apps, Parallel space is an IOS app as well as an app for Android users. With over 50 million downloads, it gives high privacy choice which makes apps invisible on your smartphone. Along with this, Parallel Space offers a range of customized themes for its users. If you will purchase the app, you can use up to 5 accounts


  • Can create a shortcut of the app to the home screen for easy accessibility
  • Inbuilt apps of the phone can be cloned
  • A lite app which means it takes less memory and battery life.


  • It takes around 15-20 seconds to work
  • Display
  • ads in the control panel
  • No additional features of the clone app itself. It just copies the original app

KeyNote:- It’s very simple to use and therefore is preferred by a lot of people.

2) Dual Space (Download Link)

One of the other best clone apps that allow the use of multiple accounts simultaneously is Dual Space. It’s usually preferred by people who use two accounts to separate their business accounts from their personal. Along with cloning social networking apps like Facebook or messenger, you can duplicate other apps as well.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Option to add multiple games as well
  • Premium version offers addition functions
  • Android and IOS app


  • No security to make apps invisible
  • Requires additional support for 64-bit application
  • Some of the cloned apps, may not work properly.

KeyNote:- It’s a good app and the free version offers most of the things required by users however premium features are pretty great.

3) Super Clone (Download Link)

Super Clone is an Android app and is considered one of the best clone apps. It comes with a private locker to protect your data on the cloned apps. In addition to this, an amazing user interface that lets you receive notification from different apps without any interference. Notifications and data of multiple accounts are stored separately.


  • Gaming apps like Clash of Clans can also be cloned
  • Comes with privacy and protection
  • Lite mode available for memory and power efficiency


  • Not an IOS app
  • WhatsApp may not work properly in some cases

KeyNote:- Over 1 million downloads, this app is popular for its simplicity and efficiency.

4) Multiple Accounts (Download Link)

Another Android app with excellent technology. It’s popular for its wonderful quick switching between apps. The privacy and security option gives the user a stress-free feeling for their data. It is great for supporting instant messaging apps.


  • Small size and easy to use
  • Stores data history of all the logged-in accounts
  • Great for devices with Dual sim usage 


  • Not an IOS app
  • Non-rooted devices show compatibility issues

5) Do Multiple (Download Link)

A blockbuster Android app for cloning. Like other apps mentioned in the list above, this app also allows the use of multiple accounts of social network apps at the same time. This app also supports game so you can play games like Clash of Clans and Royal rumble at one time (it’s like a dream come true). Due to its privacy settings and options to manage different accounts smoothly, it is one of the first choices of Android users


  • Fast switch between apps
  • Icons are customized
  • Shortcut on the home screen to open the cloned app easily and quickly


. Some of the cloned apps are not well supported

6) Dr.Clone (Download Link)

Available on Google Play store, this android app can clone almost all popular games and apps. Its latest technology allows easy usage of cloned apps in free without making your phone lag. Due to this, it is also considered one of the best clone apps for Android users


  • Use unlimited accounts
  • Shown online on all accounts simultaneously
  • Incognito installation available


  • May not support new android updates
  • Incognito installation causes troubles

7) Parallel U (Download Link)

Another app for Android users with a great user interface. Along with cloning almost all popular apps and games, it also comes with a wide range of exclusive themes for its users. This app is usually preferred by people who wish to separate work account from a personal account and are looking to increase their social network productivity.


  • Say goodbye to boring signups
  • Variety of unique themes


  • Upgraded apps may take longer to load
  • App uses lock screen to show ads which can be frustrating

8) 2Accounts (Download Link)

In addition to the Android list, 2Accounts is also one of the great clone apps. It is free and easy to use, which is available on Google play store. It gives high privacy options. However, by far the most important and cool feature of the App is the presence of virtual space. This space allows the storage of cloned apps separately so it doesn’t get mixed with the original app.


  • Supports more than 98% of all top-ranked games on Playstore
  • Gives instant update notification
  • High privacy to protect data and information


  • May not show some notifications unless the app is open
  • WhatsApp may have problems of delayed message delivery
  • No real purpose of “usage essential” permission, according to some people

9) Matey (Download Link)

Matey is an Android app which allows duplicated app to work autonomously from the original app. The most amazing feature of the app is that you can change the cloned app name and icon from the original. High privacy and the option to transfer the stored data into external SD are some of the reasons why people choose Matey as their choice. 


  • Incognito mode installation
  • High privacy protection 
  • The android ID can be hidden 


  • Cloned apps have complains of crashing
  • Notification from apps like WhatsApp may not be received 

10) App Cloner (Download Link)

Another Android App that functions like other clone apps. Cloned apps are very easy to use and work independently from the original app. This app allows changing its icon as well as changing device ID. Along with this, the app offers different languages and display colors. 


  • Use your favorite colors to personalize the app
  • Super easy to use
  • Clone apps within minutes


  • WhatsApp can’t be cloned on the free version
  • Can’t clone Google and Facebook 


These are some of the best clone apps available in the year 2020. Most of them are free for android users and gives all the desired features. Although, some apps offer premium features that need to be bought.

Which cloning app are you going to try? Hope this article helps you make your choice.

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