Top 10 Best Digital Signature Apps 2020

Nowadays everything is computerized. People prefer going to paperless for various reasons like prevention of deforestation, saves more time and there it makes offices clutter-free. A lot of companies are switching their documentation from traditional way and thus more apps for scanning and electronic signatures are launching every day.

What is a digital signature?

Like a handwritten signature, the digital signature also indicates your agreement to a certain contract. Digital signature apps make it easier to store your e-signature. An additional level of security is maintained in these apps for verification of signs.

As mentioned there are a lot of digital signature apps launched? So how would you know which one to prefer? Well lucky for you, we have compiled a list of 10 best digital signature apps.

1) PandaDoc (Download Link)

PandaDoc is one of the best digital signature apps due to its easy user interface. Along with e-signature, it also has a range of other tools for document management including drag and drop form signing, full audit histories and automated workflow. It is available for both Android and iPhone users.


  • Document integration
  • Good organization with templates and content library
  • Easy robust features
  • Sends alerts when the customer opens and approves the contract


  • Doesn’t allow multiple users to work at the same time
  • Sometimes there are problems with format due to code glitches

2) Adobe Sign (Download Link)

Another app for Android and iPhone users, Adobe Sign is one of the first and yet one of the best digital signature app to enter in the list. It is best known for the fact that it allows all users (even without an Adobe account) to see the respective documents from any device and browser. They are well known for their incorporation with tools like Microsoft, Workday, etc.


  • Easy signing and quick notification
  • Made sharing, signing and submitting documents very easy
  • Allows to add more than one signature


  • Can’t different between signed and unsigned documents without opening links
  • Quite costly. Not practical for personal use
  • Issues with updates.

3) DocuSign (Download Link)

DocuSign is usually the first choice of people because it is one of the best digital signature apps. It is very easy to use plus integrates with a lot of third-party tools. Along with this, DocuSign is famous for its high level of security for both the e-signature process as well as stored data. It is also favored by people because it lets you track the status of the document in every stage e.g. you can see which documents are waiting to get opened, which of them are complete etc. This app is also for Android and Apple users.


  • Easy Robust features even for non-coders
  • Able to use the app through any browser, on any device
  • Trusted and recognized brand


  • No proposal management
  • Quite expensive. The cheapest version that allows only 5 signature/ month cost $10 per user
  • Some people have complained about the void option.

4) HelloSign (Download Link)

HelloSign is known for its customization and customer service. They are the first app that offers e-signature for free. Even their other packages are very cost-effective. The app offers a wide range of extensions, like Oracle or Salesforce. The app also saves signature so they can be used again for later. One of the best digital signature app available for IOS and Android users


  • Great templates. Plus documents can be tracked
  • Can send a bulk of documents for signature in one go
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • Multiple documents upload takes more time
  • Not a good range of signature styles
  • Signature is supposed to put manually on every page

5) SignNow (Download Link)

SignNow is well trusted by people because of its easy user interface and its very good price. For only $5/month, you can send unlimited e-signatures. Even their business plan is for just $15/month. It is usually preferred by people with small businesses. Users can also generate templates for their choices which can be used multiple times. Both iPhone and Android users can enjoy this app.


  • Super easy to use and great price
  • Add multiple documents at one time
  • Comes with Radio button feature


  • The editing toolbox comes in the way of documents
  • Updating templates can be troublesome for a few people
  • It doesn’t save a default email.

6) SignEasy (Download Link)

One more app with a friendly user interface. It has tools to create own documents or drag and drop them. Their features also allow remote and self-signing. Another great thing about this app is that it lets you add images and checkboxes to your original documents. Both Android and Apple users can enjoy this digital signature app.


  • Documents are saved to Cloud
  • Integrates with email
  • Documents can be seen in all formats
  • Very easy to use


  • Templates may not download
  • Quite Expensive
  • Document can’t be protected once signed

7) Signable (Download Link)

Signable is another one of the great digital signature apps for people. It is mainly famous for its pay-as-you-go feature which allows you to pay with every sign. Although it has other monthly packages too. The app is quite easy to use but mostly deals with European markets. If you are looking for a simple app that has access to UK support, this is the best digital signature app for you. Available for iPhone and Android users


  • App has a professional look
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Used on a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablet or laptop


· New updates can take time to get used to

8) RightSignature (Download Link)

RightSignature is known for its speed and security. The app allows sending documents at high speed and its high-level security ensures that your documents never go in the wrong hands. Documents can be password protected, can be set to have expiration time or date and even canceled when you are unsure. This is the best digital signature app for Android and iPhone users whose main concern is security.


  • Customer-friendly and very reliable
  • Cost-effective. Has a good price range
  • Multiple users can be added in one time


  • Documents are not integrated with a wide range of software
  • Doesn’t allows to make changes on the final draft, just before emailing

9) GetAccept (Download Link)

Another blockbuster digital signature app is GetAccept. Documentation and e-signature are made easier through this app with the help of integration with tools like HubSpot. Although the initial package lets you pay every month, the Pro version is quite awesome as it lets you deliver documents through your email client. Both IOS and Android users love this app.


  • Easy connection to Salesforce
  • Changes in the slides can be made easier with this app
  • Sends notification alert to keep you updated


· App crashes sometimes when there are too many documents

10) KeepSoild Sign (Download Link)

The last one on our list is KeepSoild Sign. This app is known for its security. The software mainly focuses on the security of stored data and legal signature verification. It is compatible with the phone, has the option to drag and drop files and can integrate different software. Like other apps on our list, this one is also great for both Android and IOS users.


  • Easy to use and looks professional
  • Good interface and quick


  • Not integrated with Onedrive, Dropbox
  • Navigation on multiples pages can be confusing


Here’s a list of our top 10 best digital signature app. All of these apps are great for Apple and Android users and can be opened through your phones. As time advances, more and more things will start to get paper-free, therefore it’s better to get familiar with these apps soon.

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