Top 10 Best Gaming Consoles 2020

Video game console has come a long way, starting from basic gaming, now they offer high dynamic 4K HDR and even virtual gaming. The end of the decade also marks an end to this generation gaming console and so this is the great opportunity to get your favorite video game console on good and affordable prices.

You might have your preference from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo but we have made a list of gaming consoles with their pros and cons to help you decide which one is a better choice.

1) Xbox One X (Official Link)

Xbox One X is the most powerful and one of the best gaming console in the market. It supports gameplay in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second in just $319. The Xbox Game pass subscription gives access to amazing games. It is compatible with the voice command of Google assistant and Alexa as well as works with keyboard and mouse.


  • Most power console in the market
  • Come with Xbox game pass
  • Fans love their 4K Blue-Ray player


  • $319 is still a lot to spend on a gaming console
  • Require internet connection
  • No introduction of virtual reality

2) Nintendo Switch (Official Link)

Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly another best gaming console available to date. The hybrid design can be switched between home-console and handheld. Although since it is the least powerful console, most popular games like FIFA become graphically poor. The split-screen multiplayer games allow you to share the screen with others. The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8 and Mario Odyssey are some of the games that make Nintendo Switch best.


  • Portability. Hybrid design helps to switch between handheld or home console
  • Range of exclusive games
  • Games load quickly so it doesn’t kill the joy of it by making you wait long


  • Doesn’t support any third party so you can’t play popular games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends
  • The battery life is short-lived
  • Some games like “Breath of the Wild” have noticeable lags that haven’t been addressed by the company yet.

3) Playstation 4 Pro (Official Link)

It’s 4K resolution, HDR 10 compatibility and a library of some of the most exclusive games are just a few out of a huge list of reasons why Playstation is one of the best gaming consoles. They offer some of the best games like Spider-Man, Death Stranding, The Last Of Us, etc. This gaming console also supports VR at a very reasonable price. Although it doesn’t have the 4K Blu-ray, still it uses a series of clever ways to reach the level of 4K-look alike.


  • Existing games get upgraded automatically without any cost
  • Exclusive gaming library
  • Makes VR very smooth


  • 4K Blue-ray not available
  • Games need to be patched before playing
  • Those who have 1080 TVs don’t appreciate it.

4) Xbox One S (Official Link)

If you are looking for a great console having 4K Blu-Ray player as well as Xbox Game pass but can’t afford Xbox One X, then this is the best gaming console for you. Although this one doesn’t have that exclusive library of games like that of Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro it has a lot of hit ones and you probably won’t miss out on a lot of good ones. It has 1 TB storage which is quite enough for digital storage. Their disc-less console is pretty much a step in the future. One of the most popular games, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves are present in this gaming console.


  • 4K Blu-ray player in an affordable price
  • Comes with Xbox Game pass
  • Has a good range of Multimedia Options


  • Lack of power result in poor graphics
  • Complains of console randomly crashing and then booting up
  • Complains of constant vibration noise even when no game is being played

5) Super NES Classic (Official Link)

 This is the best gaming console for retro games. They offer around 20 best games in just $80, one of them is Starfox 2. It is smaller but feels like a 16-bit home console. Super NES classic reminds us about the 1990s when the gaming era was on peak. People who want to relive their youth or want to introduce to their younger siblings what gaming was like in early internet days prefer this console. Some of the most fun 2 player games like Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter 2 Turbo can be found in this.


  • Contains high-quality gaming collection
  • Because it has 2 player games, 2 controllers are included in it
  • Games can be paused and saved


  • To back to the game menu, you have to hit the restart button
  • Short controller cords so there is a lot of getting up and sitting down to change games

6) Nintendo Switch Lite (Official Link)

Nintendo Switch Lite comes in a range of unique colors like turquoise blue and banana yellow. It is portable and cheaper than the Nintendo original Switch. It doesn’t have the hybrid version so it only offers the handheld console version. Although the console limits multiplayer options, it still has some great features eg. The smaller size makes it easier to be carried around. Their directional pad works great for fighting games and platformers. Pokemon Sword and Sheild and Super Smash Bros Ultimate are some of the games offered in this console.


  • It is cheap and light
  • Comes with the direction pad
  • Same gaming experience as Nintendo Switch original


  • Their cloud saves are limited
  • Still too big for extended gaming sessions
  • Vibration and TV output isn’t present

7) Google Stadia (Official Link)

For streaming platform, Google Stadia is considered the best gaming console. Although it isn’t technically a “console” with a good internet connection you can play a lot of different games here like Destiny 2. Even people with a weaker internet connection can just lower the graphics to improve gaming performance. A stadia-specific controller reduces inactivity by directly connecting to Wi-Fi. However, this controller isn’t a necessity. Google stadia even works well with Xbox one elite controller.


  • With good internet speed, even the heavy sized games won’t take long to work
  • They have unlimited hardware
  • Any device that runs chrome can be used to play Google Stadia games


  • Requires a lot of data to work
  • Doesn’t work without an internet connection
  • No ownership, as it is not a console you only get right to play the game but can’t own it like with that of Microsoft Xbox

8) Sega Genesis Mini (Official Link)

This gaming console is great for a nostalgic feel. It has around 42 iconic games from the 1990s including Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, etc. It reminds us of the original gaming console, only it’s a bit smaller. With amazing hardware and 3 button controller, this console is great for people who want to relive their childhood. You can even get the 6-button controller in third party accessories to complete your trip to memory land.


  • The Japanese version of games are available
  • 42 awesome and hit games
  • Each game has 4 save states which can be locked to prevent unfortunate overwrites


  • Audio lags in almost all games
  • Even audio quality is quite low
  • Controllers tend to break easily

9) Apple TV 4K Streaming Player (Official Link)

Apple TV 4K is not only a great entertainment platform for streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and Apple’s own TV+. It is also a great gaming console particularly for iPhone and iPad users who like to play their games on a large screen using AirPlay screen mirroring. Their Apple Arcade service is for all those enthusiastic gamers who wish to get exclusive high-quality games at a reasonable price of $4.99 per month.


  • Has voice-control capabilities
  • Gives a great look on screen
  • Apple’s app store games can be supported


  • Costly than a lot of other consoles on the list
  • Doesn’t have very good hardware

10) Sony PlayStation 4 Slim (Official Link)

It is famous for its compatibility with the PlayStation VR headset and comes at a quite reasonable price. It also provides a lot of gaming titles that have enhanced contrast and vibrant colors and are compatible with an HDR TV. It can also work as an entertainment center for the house as it streams contents from many big platforms. Although it can’t stream content in 4K resolution, it is still a great choice.


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Doesn’t make annoying and unnecessary noises
  • Has better Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Doesn’t support 4K resolution
  • Controller sticks are not very durable
  • People prefer PS4 Pro more

Final Words

So here’s the list of our top 10 best gaming console for the year 2020. Each of them has its pros and cons although Xbox One, Play station 4 pro and Nintendo Switch are mostly considered the first choice of a majority of gamers. They are usually preferred for their 4K resolution, however for someone who is not a crazy die-hard fan they can also enjoy their video games without 4K and HDR standards. It all depends on what power and graphics you want and how much are you willing to pay for it.

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