10 Best GST Invoice Generator for Business in India 2020

GST invoices at times might become a hectic job to do especially when you are dealing with multiple costumers at a time. Moreover, you need to do everything efficiently and correctly. For this, we have collected some of the best GST invoice generators especially for the businesses based and located in India. Through these, you will live a hassle-free life as it will help you to produce GST invoices within no time. It also provides correct data so you do not need to worry about that too.

1) Vyapar (Official Link)

Without any doubt, the vyapar app is known as the best GST invoice generator especially for small businesses located in India. The app manages all of your data and is able to provide you all of the receipts and payments of your client. Isn’t it so amazing that an app is holding all of your invoices?

The app provides you with the best services one can look for. It helps you to collect all the data needed for accounting, helps you to manage the invoices along with the tax and helps you to file all of the GSTR return so easily.


  • Keeps all of the data of your stock.

  • The notification services are quite appreciable.

  • It provides easy options for invoices.

  • You can easily share the data via other apps.


  • Vyapar app is not available on IOS. Vyapar supports Android and Windows Platforms only.

2) QUICK BOOKS ONLINE (Official Link)

The quick books online allow you to keep track of your business and helps you to generate GST invoices anywhere. The app comes with a 30 days free trial so you can easily explore all of the options it is providing it to you. Furthermore, you can easily ask for any query through the management. The app allows you to keep a check on your expenses too. 


  • It can be used easily. Even a person without an accounting background can understand the app easily.
  • It provides you special options for your security.


  • The bugs might cause problems during accounting.

  • The app can be a bit glitchy at times.

3) ZOHO INVOICE (Official Link)

Every business needs a GST invoice generator whether it is dealing with textiles or anything. India has created some amazing apps where one can go and just download some interesting apps for their GST invoices. For this, the Zoho invoice is a great option for anyone who has been facing difficulties lately in this regard. The app has versatile options for the users where they can add customer names, payment methods and generate the invoices easily. The app allows a free trial too so, you must try it out.


  • You can choose templates for your invoices by yourselves
  • You can deal with multiple currencies.


  • At times, you might face difficulties while changing the currency.
  • The layout might be confusing as it is not friendly.


The hyperdrive HDPOS smart is specially designed for the retail market in India. The app helps you to generate GST invoices efficiently along with financial accounting. It can be a great app for inventory management, customer management or franchise management. 


  • It can easily be used during sales as one can easily apply a discount on the prices.
  • Keeps a record of all of your stocks and can be checked anytime.
  • Can provide invoices through SMS and other services.


  • The printing options are not well designed. 
  • It is difficult to use user management.

5) MARG ERP9+ (Official Link)

MARG EPP9+ is an accounting app that also enables users to generate GST invoices in India. It keeps a record of all of the management either it is about the inventory or the distribution. The app can be understood by almost everyone as it provides a very basic interface and the tools are also easy to use. 


  • It provides special features of accounting
  • Provides GST return filling, and bar code scans.


  • The plethora feature might be quite confusing to the beginners.
  • The customer services are not so good.

6) TALLY ERP 9 (Official Link)

Tally ERP 9 comes with some distinctive features that catch the user’s attention. It allows user security management services along with remote access. The tally erp9 has an e-Way template with the latest version so you can also switch to that one. 


  • Provides health details and other deductions in the bill invoices.
  • The GST input options re quite easy to use.


  • The options are basic when it comes to reporting and tax management.

7) FRESH BOOKS (Official Link)

Fresh Book is a handy solution for people with small businesses. The fresh books provide the users with some really professional templates where you can choose any of them. It also keeps track of all the expenses and automatically reminds you of the remaining payments along with the GST invoices production.


  • The interface is user-friendly and can be understood easily.
  • Customizations are available


  • It cannot handle bulk editing.

8) BILL BOOKS (Official Link)

Bill books provide billing in less time while control over very efficient options. It also provides records for the management of your sales and expenses along with keeping track of the stock.


  • The customer services are great and the app provides 24 hours support.
  • You can customize the invoice as per your choices


  • You will not be able to calculate tax there.

9) INVOICELY (Official Link)

Invoicely provides a very basic layout for your invoices and provides great security options for your invoices.


  • Interchange of currencies is possible
  • Can do tax calculations with ease


  • The app is not available.

10) SLEEK BILL (Official Link)

The app is designed for the retail market to provide an efficient GST invoice within no time. You can easily input all the data and it will automatically generate invoices for you.


  • It provides modern templates for your invoices.

  • A well-designed User interface


  • The font size is too small.

Final Words

These are the best options we have listed above. SO, if you are someone who has started a business in India and looking for an efficient GST invoice generator, then you must give them a try!

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