Top 10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (2020)

Instagram is a social platform with loads of engagement. According to a study, engagement on Instagram is roughly 4 to 12 times more than any other social site. This is mainly the reason why business companies are putting more effort into understanding analytics and optimization on Instagram and use the data to invest in projects with more audience engagement. However, if you want to do find the same information for increasing interaction on your posts or getting more views on your story, below listed Instagram Analytical tools will help you out.

1) (Official Link)

It is the first-ever Al-powered TikTok and Instagram analytical tool. It allows for analyzing any hashtag or public profile to help expand the business. The tool is completely free to use and produces Custom reports and Insights for a more detailed understanding of the audience. It is also upgradeable to subscriptions.


  • Free to use
  • Shows engagement rates, top hashtags, and top captions
  • Insight to all kind of business, including beauty, personal care, and fashion


· Audience demographics and campaign reporting need to be bought in the premium version.

2) Union Metrics (Official Link)

Union Metrics works by highlighting your advocates and top fans. The tools also analyze your Instagram stories to calculate engagement and then helps you see which kind of content is more enjoyed by your audience and then give tips about how to improve audience interaction. Along with this, all the information is saved in archives to be used for future reference


  • Hashtag tracker is adored by users as it analyzes hashtags liked by your audience
  • Some of the important features of the tool are free
  • A huge amount of data is handled


  • Complains of tools being slow to load
  • Having multiple accounts will cost you more

3) Sprout Social (Official Link)

The producer of this tool describes it as a tool that gives “Quick Insight”. The tool measures ROI by comparing both paid and unpaid campaigns analyzes which post did well due to better engagement. The tools also prepare reports for multiple accounts to help make a comparison as to which profile is doing a better job.


  • Online Webinar and conferences to learn how to optimize tools
  • Scheduling of Instagram posts in a very easy way
  • Allows you to share a post on multiple platforms apart from Instagram


  • It is not suitable for people with small business
  • The mobile app doesn’t consist of analytics although it is quite pricy

4) Iconosqaure (Official Link)

This tool comes with a 14-day free trial and has a lot of potentials. With its benchmarking feature, the app lets you compare your performance to others in the business. Along with this, it also has a calendar to schedule your Instagram posts. You can add locations and tag other people for increasing engagement as well as sent your performance to your clients via email


  • Get demographic details including age, gender, location of your audience
  • Quite easy to use, even for people who are not into technology much
  • Instagram Story analytic feature is crucial and helps a lot


  • Frequent company emails can get annoying
  • Larger image needs to be resized
  • Names of categories can get confusing for people

5) Keyhole (Official Link)

Keyhole is well known for its ability to help you compare your growth with others in the market. Setting up feeds lets you track other people’s accounts and you can even share your dashboard with your clients and friends to let them know where you stand.


  • The tool is affordable and not very pricy
  • It’s easy to find influencers through this tool


  • The free version and paid version has some difference
  • Trackers need to be placed from the very beginning or else it gets hard to fit them later

6) Sqaurelovin (Official Link)

This tool focuses more on your active audience and suggests a way to improve their engagement. It guides you about which hashtags to use and which time is suitable for posting. As well as shows the best filters, so you know what to do. The tool tracks your account from start to analyze which things are effective and which things need to go.


  • It is free which is awesome
  • Gives a visual analysis by making a collage of your most liked pictures
  • Tells you the peak time of active followers


  • Needs at least one month for monthly analysis to begin
  • Since it’s a new tool comparatively, not a lot of people know about it

7) Quintly (Official Link)

This tool comes with a standard dashboard that tracks important metrics for you. This tool gives a detailed analysis of not only your profile but also your competitors. You can also analyze your Instagram content and see which posts got more interaction along with this get details on filter use.


  • Free 14 days trial for Instagram
  • Training available live and on webinars
  • Does good customer targeting


  • No option for keyword filtering or post scheduling
  • Multiple accounts can’t be managed
  • Doesn’t allow automatic publishing

8) Brand24 (Official Link)

Brand24 works great for analyzing events and campaign hashtags and comparing their performances. The tools also let you search accounts and posts using hashtags and export data according to monthly or even daily reports.


  • Offers free trial
  • Has campaign and response management options
  • Does social media monitoring


  • No option for gamification
  • Doesn’t generate reviews

9) Social Blade (Official Link)

It is a great tool to establish influencer partnerships, this app focuses more on statistics and tracks user data and growth rate not limited just to Instagram but also other social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


  • Comes with a free trial
  • Their followers’ graph looks organized


  • Company constant emails can get annoying
  • Complains of adding fake followers accounts to show more followers

10) Socialbakers (Official Link)

Another great and free Instagram analytical tool that lets you create your dashboard. See your most liked posts, the most commonly used hashtags and impressions and interactions by your followers. It’s a good tool for top-level insight


  • Free version available
  • Easy navigation and simple to use


  • The free version is quite restricted in features
  • The user interface is not massively in-depth

Final Words

These are our favorite Instagram Analytic tools. Of course, there are a lot of other available with each one having their unique features, although the above-mentioned tools might just be the one that you are looking for, give it a try.

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