15 Best Free Mp3 Music Downloading Apps 2020 (Android)

Music is one of the most beautiful things to ever exist. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages. And as technology grew, so did music medium. Long gone are the days when people went to stores to buy cassettes and CDs. Now everything is found on our phone, even Music. With free mp3 music downloader apps, we no longer have to spend money on music plus it saves more space in our house. Additionally, most of these apps work offline, so you don’t have to spend your data on it. Once a song is downloaded, you can listen to it without the internet.

Here’s a list of 15 best free Mp3 Music Downloader Apps for the year 2020 that works for both iPhone and Android.

1. Google Play Music (Download Link)

Since it comes from Google itself, this app is very credible and gives legal access to all music. With over 100 million-plus downloader of this app, it is considered as one of the best music download apps for Android and iPhone users. It even comes preinstalled in all Android phones since version 4.0.


  • Along with streaming new songs, this app also allows searching for music already in your phone storage. 
  • Division of songs in different categories based on genres, albums, singers, etc, which helps to locate music easily.
  • You can even create your playlist. Isn’t that great?


  • Sometimes Google Play Music crashes or doesn’t open
  • Problems of missing or duplicate tracks

KeyNote:- Google Play Music is a great app and should be on your phone for music.

2. Spotify (Download Link)

With more than 100 million on Playstore, Spotify is famous for its user interface. This app is very easy to get familiar with and therefore more and more people download it every day. It is usually the first choice of free Mp3 music downloader for Apple users.

Spotify’s premium version offers more space for saving downloaded music, however, the free version is more than enough as it has a good download space along with great music. You can find all the top-rated songs here.


  • No ads and quick downloading make this app everyone’s favorite.
  • Good and easy user interface
  • You can find all the top-rated songs here.


  • Not available in a lot of countries
  • Removal of their lyrical feature (music with lyrics) made quite a lot of people upset
  • The premium version is very costly, around $120

KeyNote:- One of the best free music downloader apps to ever exist!

3) Apple Music App (Download Link)

The name may suggest that it’s solely for iPhone users but in reality, it’s also present on Google Playstore. Yes, this app is also included in the list of apps for both iPhone and Android Users. Apple is a popular brand and it has already gained the trust of its users everywhere, this music app is no different. Due to these reasons, this app has 45 million users worldwide.


  • An Ad-free app,
  • Also gives access to countless songs and radio shows
  • Shows recommendations for other music.


  • Very complicated user interface
  • Protected songs, which means if you cancel your subscription, you won’t be able to keep your downloaded songs

4. Amazon Prime Music (Download Link)

In addition to its famous online store, Amazon has also launched its music store. Although, most of their songs are not free if you look thoroughly you will be able to find songs without charge and download them on your phone to listen offline. It is available for Apple and Android users


  • Comes with Amazon Prime subscription
  • Integrated with Amazon Echo Device
  • Has scrolling lyrics


  • Most of the songs are not free
  • Stations can’t be created
  • Lifestyle and weather content not present.

5. Deezer (Download Link)

Deezer is another great app for Android and iPhone users. With around 100 million downloaders on Play Store, it is people’s favorite choice. You can easily search, stream and download your choice of song in very little time. This app offers to stream roughly 35 million tracks in different categories


  • Good song packages
  • Display of lyrics along with songs
  • Timely updates to keep up with new songs


  • Can’t listen to music offline on the free version
  • Low sound quality
  • Buffering on App

KeyNote:- You can even upload your songs on Deezer without being a signed artist.

6. SoundCloud (Download Link)

Another great app for enjoying free mp3 music download is SoundCloud. Most people prefer using it due to its easy user interface plus it allows users to stream as well as download music offline. Good for iPhone and Android users, this app also helps to stay updated with your favorite artists.


  • Find song remix not present in the original album
  • Upload your songs
  • No advertisement


  • Some famous songs are not present
  • No lyrics
  • Music can’t be sold to customers directly

7. Free Music Downloader (Download Link)

This Android app is one of the best music download apps out there as it allows all categories of music to download in seconds. This app has 5 million users on the Play store due to its simplicity. All you have to do is search your song in the search bar and within seconds you will see your respected song which you can download quickly.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Give results in seconds


  • A lot of famous artist and songs might not be present
  • Ads are very frustrating

8. Download mp3 Music (Download Link)

This is also one of the fastest free music downloader app where you can find all top-ranked songs within no time. Songs are divided into categories of artists, albums and genres which make them so easy to locate. This Android app has almost 10+ million users.


  • The app doesn’t take a lot of phone storage
  • Shows size and year of the making of each song


· The new update has problems. Keeps showing request failed

9. Audiomack (Download Link)

This is another app to listen to downloaded songs, offline. The app is updated with the latest collection of songs. Unassigned artists can upload their songs here and get feedback from people around the world. Hip hop songs are mostly available in this app.


  • A platform for discovering new artists
  • Listen to songs offline for free


· People have been complaining about music buffering or songs pausing in the middle.

10. Mp3 Music Downloader (Download Link)

Another Android app that allows the fast download of your favorite music. You can stream and download at the same time. This Android App has over 1 million downloaders on Play Store


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast downloading


  • Might take too much time to download
  • Irritating Ads that come very often
  • Sometimes downloaded music doesn’t show in music files

11. Free MP3 Music Download (Download Link)

This Android app is developed by bad boy corporation. Like other apps in the list, this app also allows streaming and downloading music. A very good about this app is that it supports almost all kinds of file formats and therefore it has almost 10 million users.


  • Download songs fast
  • Good playback
  • Most of the songs from top singers are present.


  • Loading time needs to be improved
  • A lot of Ads between the songs.

12. JOOX (Download Link)

Another Android fan-favorite app is JOOX. Most people love this app because it saves the cache of any song you listen for the first time which means the next time you will be playing the song, you don’t want the internet for it. This saves a lot of time and data.


  • Set your theme according to your mood
  • Lets you share your music with the world


  • Song quality is not very good
  • Catalog of music is smaller than that of Spotify
  • Premium version is quite costly

13. Napster (Download Link)

It is also one of the most beloved music downloading app. It offers to stream and downloading music from over 50 countries. However, it is mandatory to make an account first. Along with free music, this app also offers radio and podcasts.


  • Great music catalog
  • Browser Playback


  • The desktop experience is pretty basic
  • Song quality is average. Doesn’t offer CD quality

14. RockMyRun (Download Link)

As the name suggests, this is the best music download app for people who like to listen to music while on a run. You can download music of your choice and make a playlist for your workout. An awesome feature of the app is My Beat, which lets you chose your workout beat. Doesn’t it sound fun?


  • Wide variety of genres
  • Explore new music on your run
  • Different playlists for different activities


  • Music can get too loud
  • App setup is bit complex

15. SONGily (Download Link)

With 5 million hits on Google Play store, this free music downloader app is preferred because of its easy user interface. The app allows the fast download and advanced functions. This app is also doesn’t have that many ads like some other music apps and therefore doesn’t get frustrating


  • Easy to get familiar with
  • App has a good theme
  • Fast downloading


  • The new update is not compatible. People have complained about songs loading and not been able to download.


Well here is the list of top 15 free mp3 music downloader apps for the year 2020. To make sure that you have downloaded music legally, it’s always better to download it from Google Play Store or App Store. Which one is your favorite?



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