Top 10 Best Video Filters Apps of 2020

With the introduction of social networks in our lives, photos and videos are everywhere. People like sharing their lives with others through these means. And with such huge demand, it’s always a competition as to which camera or app is better suited to capture a beautiful moment.

Over the years, many video editing apps have been launched, that provides awesome transitions and amazing filters. But with so much competition, how to do you decide which one should you choose? Well, worry not. We are here to help you make that decision. Here’s the list of top 10 best Video Filter apps with pros and cons to help you decide.

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1) Adobe Premium Rush (Download Link)

Available for IOS and windows, this app is free of cost and is great for people who are newbies to the video world and just like to edit videos for their social network profile. Adobe also has a Pro version but that can be quite overwhelming for a lot of people. Adobe Premium Rush is easy to use with drag and drop options and allows music to run in the background of videos. All of these features make this app, as one of the best video filter apps available.


  • Easy to use. Has a good user interface
  • Good range of titles tools and colors
  • Videos can be easily shared on Social network


  • Limited transitions and videos effects
  • Needs a subscription
  • Output file format can’t be specified

2) iMovie (Download Link)

If you are an iPhone user, this is the best video filter app for you. Available on Apple devices, this app has all the features of a good video editor. App has built-in music and animated titles plus additional features like split-screen and green-screen effects. It offers 4K resolution and videos can be easily transferred from one Apple device to another via iCloud Drive or Airdrop.


  • Clips can be edited from close
  • Background music and visual effects can be easily added
  • Allows addition of text and credits in the video


  • Available for Mac and IOS only
  • Uploading to YouTube can be troublesome
  • Problems with importing files

3) Quik (Download Link)

Quik is available on Android and iPhone and is best known for its ability to detect faces and colors in a good order that helps you to align your video perfectly. This app lets a maximum of 200 videos and photos to be added where you can choose from a range of themes, fonts, and graphics to use.


  • “Flashback” option that makes video based on pictures and videos taken on the last 24 hours
  • Videos can be saved in default or 1080p HD
  • Share videos to Google Drive or Dropbox


  • Videos should be less than 60 sec.
  • Font styles can’t be adjusted.

4) KineMaster (Download Link)

This app is made for professional use but still is very easy to use. With pre-render instant previews and support of countless audio clips as well as up to 4 audio tracks, this app also allows speed control and volume envelope control which is very precise. Unfortunately, this app just works on Android, so Apple users can’t benefit from these amazing features.


  • Amazing features for serious professional editing
  • Multiple tracks can be edited


· Watermark on the free version which needs a subscription for removal

5) PowerDirector (Download Link)

This app works for Android and IOS users. This app offers amazing video effects including drag and drop of videos, slow-motion editing, transitions and titles. Plus you can add background music, voiceover and even make a collage on this app.


  • Background music can be added
  • Vertical video editing specifically for phones


  • Ads on the free version
  • The free version also has a watermark

6) FilmoraGo (Download Link)

Another app for iPhone and Android users. Along with all the amazing features of a good video editor like transitions, slow and fast editing, background music addition, etc, this app is mainly famous for its templates themes that can make a normal video into a stylish professional one. It also has customizable tiles.


  • Free with no watermarks
  • Variety of themes
  • Easy to understand and use


  • Doesn’t support 4k
  • Isn’t fit for complex editing

7) WeVideo (Download Link)

WeVideo is an app with an easy user interface that allows you to create 4K videos without being a professional. With creative texts, motion effects and transitions, it also has green screen special effects. You can continue your project from where you left, with the help of Cloud Storage. WeVideo is also available for both IOS and Android people.


  • Easy interface
  • Cloud Storage for multiple devices


  • Free version feels more like a free trial
  • Cloud Storage has 10 GB capacity only

8) Clips (Download Link)

This IOS app is appreciated for its animated captions and titles that can be uploaded on voice command. TruthDept camera allows your selfies to look extraordinary with a 360-degree scene. The app even recognizes people in your video and shows them in suggestions. You can even make a clip on the spot with this app. unfortunately, this app is not available for Android Users.


  • Supported by Apple and is quite easy to use
  • Wide range of original and amazing features


  • Not available for Android users
  • A large number of clips aren’t supported well

9) Videoshop (Download Link)

Videoshop provides features like trimming and merging of videos. You can even add awesome background music of explosions or animal creatures in the background. The app has similar filters like Instagram and also lets you share your videos on YouTube, email and other social network sites. The app is available for Android and IOS.


  • Creative and artistic features
  • Amazing for animation


· Access to all features can only be achieved after subscription

10) Magisto (Download Link)

Magisto is amazing for all the social media posters as this app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to select the best part of your videos. Its filters, auto-cropping and facial recognition effects make it one of the best video filter app. The premium version gives access to additional editing features and gives the ability to upload longer videos but the free version is also more than enough. Both Android and iPhone users can benefit from this app.


· More than 90 million satisfied customers


  • In-app ads can be annoying
  • People have reported complains about subscription cancellation

Final Words

These are our 10 best video filter app for you. Most of them work well for Android as well as iPhone users and are available for free. Hope this list will help you make a decision.

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