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How to Cancel a Stuck Print Job in Windows

Ever had one of those days, when your printer won’t work at all, so you get in rage and press the button a million times and before you know it there are so many pages ready to get printed. What a great waste of paper and ink. But fear not, after today, if you ever...


How to Create a New Local Account in Windows 10

When you set up Windows 10, the default account is set up as your Microsoft account. However, if you’re not a fan of using Microsoft services or your PC is used by multiple users who require some separation of work and privacy, you’ll surely want to create a new local account. If you’re a Windows...


How to Refresh Mozilla Firefox – 5 Easy Steps

You’re rushing to meet a deadline. You type a website’s address on your browser’s search bar. You’re anxiously waiting for it to open so you can get on with your work. It starts loading…and it keeps loading. You wait and you wait…and then you wait some more… Sound familiar?  We’ve all been in a situation...