How to Cancel a Stuck Print Job in Windows

Ever had one of those days, when your printer won’t work at all, so you get in rage and press the button a million times and before you know it there are so many pages ready to get printed. What a great waste of paper and ink. But fear not, after today, if you ever get in such a situation, you will know exactly what to do.

Cancel It from the Printer

Most of the printers have a stop button on their front, which you can press in a situation like such. You can even turn off the printer entirely for a while. Or as a last resort, you can also take out the paper supply from the input tray. 

Do it from the computer

Method One 

1) Click start on your pc and search for Control Panel and then open it

2) On Control Panel, you will see a big heading of Hardware and Sound, which will further have subheading including “View devices and printers”. Click on that 

Image result for hardware and sound in control panel

3) This will open a list of printers linked to your device, Right-click on your concerned printer and Click “See what’s printing”

Image result for see whats printing

4) After this, you can see a list of documents. Right-click on your respective document and then press “Cancel”

Related image

5) If there is a queue of documents that needs to be canceled, Click Cancel All. 


There is a great chance that your sidebar will be showing notification icon about the printer. If yes, simply click on it and the list of documents will open up.

Proceed to method 2 if this one doesn’t work out. 

Method Two

1) Open Control Panel, Click the main heading of System and Security, then go to Administrative Tools 

Screenshot of Control Panel

2) After clicking on it, you will see a list of tools. Scroll down and select Services

Image result for services in administrative tools

3) A new tab will open with a list of files. Press “P” on your keyboard and search for Print Spooler. Once found, right-click on it. Then click stop on the drop-down menu and wait for at least 10 seconds.

Image result for print spooler

4) After 10-15 seconds, again Right-click on Print Spooler and this time click on Start. 

how to start the print spooler in windows 7

5) After this, like method one, go to the control panel again and Select subheading of Devices and Printer under the main heading of Hardware and Sound. Right-click on your respective printer. Select See what’s printing. There should be no documents queue. 

Image result for empty documents queue in printer

6) If there is still a list of documents, it’s better to restart your computer at this point. 

7) After restart, again look for printer queue. It should be empty by now 

If you follow these steps, next time you won’t end up in a panic attack when your printer gets stuck.

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