How to Connect your Android Phone to Wi-Fi (Step By Step)

Generation, in which we are living the wireless technology, is very important for us. We can say that using the internet and making it a source to deal with every matter in our life is now a part of our routine. We do feel weird or we can say incomplete without access to the internet rather we are at home or any other place.

Many times, we want to connect our android systems or cell phones to a WIFI network rather we are at home or any other place (coffee shop, office, any event, etc). It is very simple to connect your android systems and tablets to the wireless network. Moreover, the steps that will be described below will be taken as same in your system except for the connecting network. However, soon after connecting to the wireless network you will be able to use the internet for miscellaneous activities such as watching movies, using the different social sites, streaming music, downloading applications and doing the professional and educational tasks as well.

NOTE: These headings apply to a system running Android 9.0 Pie, 8.0 Oreo, and 7.0 Nougat; other Android variants may have slight varieties, for example, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on.


Before connecting your android system to the WIFI scan for the name of the network. The searching of the network will let us know that to which network we have to connect our device. After searching the connection or the network name you have to determine that if the network is password protected or public. The public networks do not need the passwords for the connection but on the other hand, a password-protected network does need a password for the connection of wireless internet.

If it’s your home Wi-Fi arrange, discover the default SSID and password on the base of the router. On the off chance that your web association was as of late setup, the modem gave by your ISP may have paperwork with this data. To connect with a system that isn’t yours, approach the proprietor for the name and Wi-Fi password


Access your Wi-Fi settings to ensure Wi-Fi is turned on and to see the accessible systems. To open the Wi-Fi settings, swipe down from the upper-right of the screen and tap and hold the Wi-Fi symbol.

However, there is the other method that uses in the android system 9.0 following are the steps,

1. Open the settings

2. Click over the network and internet

3. In network and internet, go for the option WIFI

4. Turn on the WIFI

5. Close the settings

On the off chance that you don’t see these menu names, the system may have Android 8.0, 7.0, or something more seasoned introduced. Here’s how to open the Wi-Fi settings on these systems:

1. Open the settings in the application

2. Click connections or the wireless and networks

3. Click WIFI to open the wifi settings

4. In the wifi settings option, open the wifi switch


When WIFI is enabled or connected to your android cell phone or tablet, scan into the WIFI network list to see the nearby activated or provided WIFI networks to which you can connect easily. But before connecting to any network remember a few main things.

Such as the networks that have a key sign on the side are password-protected networks which means that you need a password to connect to these networks. The other networks that do not have a key in their side are the public networks that are provided in different restaurants, malls and in the coffee shops you do not need any password to connect to these networks.

in any case, if you connect with an insecure or unbound Wi-Fi arrange, have a firewall program introduced, antivirus programming dynamic and prepared to filter records, and ideally a VPN administration promptly accessible so you can get to the web while burrowed through a VPN. However, the signal strength of every WIFI signal is showed in a WIFI’s icon. The darker the icon the stronger the signals are. You may disconnect with a network that has a slow speed or any connectivity issue. You can connect to the preferred network by considering the following steps,

1. Click on the network that you want to connect

2. If the network is open then your device will connect to it automatically otherwise it will require a password for the connection3.

3. On the Wi-Fi screen, the picked system shows up at the top priority on the list and updates on the association procedure show up at the bottom.

4. Now the network is connected on your android device, now you can use the WIFI access without interruption and will not need to enter the password in future for the same network.


When the system is connected to the WIFI network user then requires some additional information such as the signal strength, connectivity, frequency, speed, etc. Following steps will guide how to check the WIFI network connection

1. Click on the settings then click over the network and internet and then WIFI

2. Click on the connection name to which your device is connected

3. A screen will appear that will tell all the WIFI connectivity information


In case you’re using daily open Wi-Fi hotspots or different internet networks that don’t utilize passwords, set up your Android to automatic system option that reveals to you each time there’s a system accessible WIFI network available with strong connectivity and doesn’t require a password

As long your WIFI network is open it will notify you about all the open networks that will be available in the signal range of the network. You can change settings as,

1. Click on the WIFI settings

2. Click on the WIFI preferences. Then choose the option of advance settings

3. Now, turn on the open network notification

Furthermore, you can easily get more guidance regarding connecting your android cell phone or tablet to any WIFI network by the following links,

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