How to Delete an Email Account From icloud Permanently

Apple is considered one of the biggest companies all over the world, including Amazon, Google, etc. It has launched a wide range of gadgets with lots of modesty and technology. Apple claims that it provides the best customer services. It offers its customers to resolve their issues more efficiently and within no time. If you are talking about deleting your iCloud email address permanently, it allows you to cancel your apple iCloud email whenever you devices want and for whatever reason. 

What is an iCloud email address?

First things first, just what is an iCloud email address?

Well, new apple users, when buying their apple phones, need to create an apple id that contains your iCloud account. It offers you to connect to your Appstore and purchase iTunes or iBooks. It also allows you to connect to your mails instantly through an app named “mail” in your apple. In short, an iCloud ID is a must for any apple device, whether it’s your iPhone, mac book,  iPod, or any other Apple device. You can also connect your iCloud email with other devices as well. You can guide your mac book to set rules according to you so you can easily use your tools. You can use it to filter your mailboxes too. Through your iCloud email address, you can set up an auto-response system that will tell your contacts that you are away. You can check more by clicking on this link:

However, If there is any chance that you might need to get into your record later on, at that point, consider temporarily deactivating your email, instead of erasing the history. It is because apple offers you to delete one’s account temporarily and permanently too. Remember, already told you that apple cares for its customer.

The Downside of Deleting your iCloud Email Address:

With quite a research, you will find out that once you have deleted your iCloud email address, you will not be able to undo it. Apple itself offers detailed guidelines and downside of deleting an iCloud email permanently, and how to go about it. You must know the consequences of deleting your account permanently. Here are some of the all-important downside of removing it permanently :

  • You will lose all your data 

By deleting your iCloud account permanently, you will lose all your photos, recordings, apps, videos, and documents. It is because apple permanently deletes all your iCloud accounts’ pictures and other stuff once you have deleted your account permanently

  • You can not get back to the services apple was providing

Apple offers you to delete an iCloud account permanently, but once you have removed it, You will not have the option to get back to the services that apple was providing like iTunes, iBooks, find my iPhone, etc.

  • Apple will cancel All your arrangements and bookings 

Apple will drop all your booked arrangements that you have made. It will shut all the Apple care cases and will make it inaccessible.

  • You will still have to pay the installments 

If you have tried out the iPhone update program, you should keep making installments for your gadget. Apple iCloud will permanently delete all your data

If you have more concerns, you can visit Apple FAQs to find our additional information.

Note that erasing your iCloud email record is anything but a handy solution. The whole Apple account erasure procedure could take as long as seven days. It is because Apple should confirm that you, and not another person, is requesting the record the iCloud email to be erased. Still, if you prefer to continue and delete your iCloud email account permanently, here there’s the procedure:

You should transfer all the current data from your iCloud email address:

By now, you must be pretty worried about losing all your data and are probably wondering how you can save it. Worry no more. We have got your back!. 

If you want to save your data, which includes your pictures, files, documents, music, or recordings, it is essential to transfer all your photos, files, documents, emails, contacts, and iTunes or iBook’s purchases to your computer. You can do backups for your files and data too to make your files and data secured. But it is essential to do this to make your files, data, documents, and photographs saved even if you have deleted your iCloud email permanently. 

You should remove all the devices associated with your iCloud email address

Delete all other devices associated with your iCloud account before deleting it. It will help you to log in to a new device easily. It can range from your primary devices to all the devices connected to it.  

How to remove devices associated with your iCloud email address

One of the most important things to do before deleting your iCloud email is to eliminate the devices associated with it. But are you facing difficulties in removing it? Or are you unable to find the right way to do it?  To help you guys out, here are few instructions that are listed below. You need to follow the instructions. But remember, backup is the first thing.

1. Go to the apple id page by opening to sign in to your iCloud email address.

2. After opening the web page, all you need to do is sign in to your cloud account that you need to erase permanently. You can do it by typing your email address and password. Then authenticate your sign in by the code provided to you.

3. After logging in, look down and find the device section.

4. You will find the devices associated with your iCloud email address, delete the other devices associated.

5. Go to the device you want to delete, and a window will show up.

6. Delete the device by clicking on the “REMOVE DEVICE.”

7. Remove all other devices as well.

How to permanently delete your iCloud email address

Followed all the steps? Do you need to delete your account permanently? Then keep reading!

Here is a list of some simple steps that you need to follow if you want to delete your iCloud email permanently. So once you have removed all other devices as well all the files and data you have in your iCloud account, you need to follow the steps as given below:

1. Sign in to your apple account again if you are not signed in. Still, type your email, then password, and authenticate your sign in by validating the code.

2. After signing in, out of all the options displayed, find the Manage account and then click on “GO TO YOUR APPLE ID,” which is just under the managed account.

3. A few options down, look down for the Data and Privacy section and click on it.

4. Then scroll down to find “manage my privacy” and click on it.

5. Scroll down and click on “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” at the bottom. It will be under delete my account.

6. You will be redirected to a window that will ask you the reason for your deletion. Fill in your purpose and click on continue.

7. After filling the reason, Apple will ask you to agree upon the terms and conditions while deleting your account. Click on, accept, and continue.

8. A window will show up asking you for your email address for further contact. Provide with any other email address except that of the one you are going to delete and click continue.

9. You will get a code for apple support. You may use it to cancel your deletion process due to a change of mind. 

And voila! Your part in deleting your iCloud email is done. Now, You will receive an email by Apple to confirm your identity. All you have to do is to sit back and wait. This process takes seven days. Apple needs to verify the user to delete the account permanently. 

During the whole process, your report will remain active, and you can also cancel your request due to a change of mind. But once it is deleted, you will not be able to get back to it.

Let us sum up

Deleting your iCloud email is not a handy solution. You must think twice before deleting your iCloud email because once you have deleted it. You can not get back your files, images, documents, or whatsoever. If you do not want to remove it permanently, apple offers you to remove it temporarily too. Still, if you want to delete it for whatever reason you have, you can follow the instructions given above and delete your account permanently. Be patient, and it will take at least seven days to delete your account. It is because Apple needs to confirm if the person who has requested to remove your iCloud email is you or is it someone else. We hope that you liked it. Good luck, and enjoy it! 

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