How to Download and Play Android Games on PC without Bluestacks

Do you have any idea that how to play android games without a blue stack on your PC? Well! If you know about that so you might also know about the blue stacks as well. But, if you don’t want to play your android games by using bluestack. In this respective article, we will discuss that how to play android games on PC without bluestack.

Many alternative ways can be used that can tell us how to play android games on PC without bluestack. So here are some of the best android emulators below,


This emulator is considered one of the best emulators. You can easily run your android games over it. Remix OS Player is essentially an Android emulator for Windows PCs that offers the most vivid Android experience on a PC. This Android Marshmallow-based programming tool utilizes Android Studio innovation, and designers have just been utilizing this instrument for testing Android applications and miscellaneous games on. Remix OS Player contains unlimited buttons for the controlling purpose in-game. Furthermore, run different android games over the latest updated version of the Android Operating System. However, I will not execute the games that are out of the box.


Nox Player is one of the recommended emulators that let us play android games on PC without blue stacks and how to use it. Nox player contains many advanced features that are listed in the needs of a user. Some of them are, 

  • Nox App Player is speedy and the emulator never solidifies. 
  • You can see the best with the Nox emulator. 
  • This application player is structured dependent on Android 4.4.2 Kernel and it is perfect with X86 and AMD. 
  • The reaction speed of the Nox android emulator is extremely brisk and truly steady. 
  • You can see Best Game Experience with the Nox android application player. This is extremely an extraordinary Android emulator to play a wide range of games on this emulator. 
  • You can see File Manager, Facebook Lite, Camera applications are now introduced. 
  • Shaking highlights is likewise accessible in this emulator. 
  • Google Play Store and Browser are likewise accessible on the Nox emulator.


Andy is an emulator that gives you a chance to play android games on PC without bluestacks and to interface your cell phone and work area desktop, together in a virtual based environment, which is perfect for gaming. The application additionally furnishes you with boundless stockpiling (storage) limit, PC similarity and opportunity to play all your preferred portable titles over your desktop.

Andy matches up to your google play account utilizing the cloud. Every one of your devices is matched up, so you’re gaming progress is rarely lost!

Here are some key features of this emulator as,

  • It provides the syncing between your mobile and the desktop
  • It connects your Win/Mac interface with Android applications for notifications, storage, and launching.
  • You can empower application downloads from any work area program direct to Andy OS. 
  • Andy gives you a chance to see your preferred correspondence and excitement versatile applications, directly over your pc.

Andy gives you consistent associations between your PC and your cell phone. With this kind of association, you can likewise get Snap Chat messages and WhatsApp messages directly on your PC. Andy additionally gives you access to your neighborhood PC record framework, it has a camera and amplifier incorporation and designer support is likewise accessible. However, with Andy, you can also use your mobile phone as a joystick. 


YouWave Emulator is highlighted as one of the prominent android emulators after Blue stacks. It is accessible for both Windows and Mac. It works a similar path as Blue stacks which encourages you to download a few android applications and Games. When contrasted with Blue stacks, YouWave offers some additional highlights and preparing power. The tragic part is that it’s a paid one. And also gives you a chance to play android games without a blue stack 

However, some of its features are as follow,

  • The speed of processing is quite good of this emulator
  • SD card can be simulated in it easily 
  • The navigation of the interface is clear and easy to use
  • The dynamic rotation can be used for changing the screen rotation anytime


Android also introduced an emulator for the developers. You also can utilize everything you need is to download their SDK. It is a genuine android emulator with plenty of highlights. No android emulator can contend with an Android SDK emulator. If you are a developer so maybe you have some knowledge about it. However, you can simulate a few android gadgets or devices to test your applications and to know what they look like on different devices.

Features of this emulator are as follow,

  • This emulator contains a Robust and flexible interface
  • It is designed very light and quite simple
  • It contains the new applications and miscellaneous utilities
  • It is known as a combination of an emulator and the set of different tools

6. MEmu PLAY

MEmu emulator specializes in android video games. With this emulator, you can enjoy different android titles directly on your PC. Moreover, you do not need to set any configuration settings and other things after downloading it, you just need to download it and start playing. With MEmu, you can introduce Android games effectively, basically, click the APK button on the correct side of the interface, select the APK of the game you need to introduce, and then wait. It truly is that simple.

Similarly, as with most emulators, the controls are as of now set up, so you can play any game with either the mouse or with the keyboard. With MEmu, however, on the off chance that you don’t care for how the controls are designed, you can generally alter them, or even utilize an Xbox 360 controller if you are increasingly OK with support gaming. 

There are various Android emulators accessible, yet MEmu is an excellent decision. It gives you access to a huge range of games for Android, directly on your PC and also pet you to play android games without a bluestack. The degrees of similarity, customization, and document association are superior to anything a portion of the more notable choices available.


Droid4X is an incredible method to imitate an Android working system on a standard PC. This can be utilized to download the most recent games and applications that would somehow or another be out of reach. The application is especially well known for the individuals who are keen on playing the numerous three-dimensional games offered by Android. There is no charge to download this product. Furthermore, the good thing is that this application is free to download and also fixes bugs in a little time very efficiently. However, the file size of this emulator is quite large (about 25763 MB) that creates some problems while downloading it. However, it also lets you play your android games without a blue stack.


This emulator is also the best alternative to bluestack. The best part is that it can run the run-end systems as well.  As it offers the taste of android over your PC in a stable and good environment. It also allows you to play android games on PC without bluestacks.

Some of the features of this emulator are as follows,

  • It offers the best performance very a very light and simple interface
  • It can be installed on your PC with the low configuration
  • It works in a simple and fast environment 


Leapdroid is an Android emulator, a bit of programming that enables you to run Android applications on different devices. Also, let you play android games on PC without bluestacks. touch gestures mapped to the keys on the keyboard: for example, swiping left becomes squeezing the left bolt key. Copying enables you to utilize your most loved applications without agonizing over cumbersome touchpad composing, battery life or handling power, while a PC’s bigger presentation makes content and pictures simpler to see.

Features of this emulator are,

  • It provides a simple setup and installation method
  • It contains the handy features for the gamers
  • It runs with stability and smoothly


Windroy is an emulation that allows you to play android games on PC without bluestacks and joins the functioning of YouWave and Blue stacks and endeavors to copy Android in Windows. Its point is to have the option to run all Android applications and to be as simple to use as some other Windows application. Android 4.0.3 is the rendition that at present runs in Windows Android. It’s brisk to begin and offers you a fundamental Android experience, which has a few downsides. 

In Windows Android, you won’t discover Google Play, the Android’s application store. To run applications, you need to download the APK record, and put it the SocketeQ\windowsandroid_root\system\ organizer. 

Windows Android likewise needs sound right now, and the internet browser is shaky. Be that as it may, it is another task, and these issues ought to be resolved as it creates. It’s additionally a flawless method to find the intricate details of Android.


So, the above-mentioned emulators are the best alternatives to bluestacks. They allow you to play android games on PC without bluestacks. Moreover, you can easily consider any one of them according to your choice, feasibility, and comfortability. However, all of them will provide you a friendly and better environment with a simple interface and good speed to enjoy your android games over your desktop anytime.

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