How To Get Real Followers On Instagram : Step By Step Guide

Nowadays is very easy to buy your way into Instagram’s success but it requires a financial investment that you have to keep up for a long period because if you don’t keep up your previous record it becomes apparent that your past success was all a hoax.

Not following the proper way might end you up in a downward spiral you don’t want to find yourself in plus it’s always good to interact with real people, not just ghost followers.

So, keeping that in mind it is always safe to have an organic growth strategy.

Following the below steps might prove to be very helpful in growing your flowers organically on Instagram so that you can engage with people all over the world which is especially important if you are running your own business. You want to make the best impression possible, so people are motivated to follow you.



Change your name so you can optimize your SEO. What SEO means is search engine optimization, the reason why that is so important is that when you search for a keyword you are still going to show up even if they are not typing in your name. For example, try to mention your skill, line of work and industry, etc. in your username. If you add the skill “content writer” in your username it will be more lucrative because if an individual searches for the term “content writer” your name is sure to come up. Adding the word bakery to the username has optimized the SEO.

Capitalize on the name section that is on your bio because that’s going to allow you to rank higher in SEO.



Write captions that convert the posts that you put up engaging. The pictures you post should be interesting and indulging enough that it allows the person scrolling through to stop and pay attention to what you have put up. The caption allows that interest to build up and engage to strike a conversation. 

So, make sure your captain is not meaningless and has depth to it.



Cultivate strong relationships with your followers it’s not just about having ghost followers but true people who can give you proper feedback and positive criticism so that you can make improvements where you lack and take that information and use it for your good.

This will require to have the option for them to leave you an inbox message when they can and you maintaining the reputation of prompt replies.

The important thing to remember here is that if you invest time into anything that you are passionate about it will be fruitful in the long run.

Because if you form a connection with the people that follow you in the future if you want to run a business, they can be your potential clients.



It is so important to build trust amongst the people that follow you because it becomes more personalized and people start to connect with you on a personal always avoid posting something that might be hurtful towards the sentiments of other people, always be mindful of what you put on your profile because one wrong post can break your reputation just like something meaningful can make it.

People who are callus about their attitude and how people see or how passionate they are about something can face a lot of backlashes and can result in their downfall.



Love them or hate them they are one of the best ways to grow on Instagram, but it’s important to find the best ones possible for your account. A hashtag is a tool that enables other users to find your images the way it works is, for example, you have taken a beautiful picture of your birthday cake and you use the hashtag “#birthdaycake” when everybody else searches for the hashtag birthday cake they will find your picture.

It is important that you have the proper knowledge of how to find the hashtag that is right for you, it is integral that you use the right keyword in the hashtag that you are using. Which will enable you to show up in the search?

You can add multiple hashtags to your posts but keeping in mind that the keyword is right for your post because hashtags can play an important role in increasing your reach.



Using hashtags that are too generic means, by the time you post it you are most likely to disappear from the hashtag explore page because everyone will be using the same hashtag. If you mix up your hashtag sizes and find small to medium hashtags that exist in your niche or in your area of expertise you will come up in search more easily. It will require you to do some research but it is completely worth it. The more tailored and segmented you are the more people would want to follow you.



A lot of people make the mistake of using the same hashtag multiple times, the problem with that is that if you use the same hashtag too many times Instagram is going to think that you are spam and it will decrease your reach, and you will be overshadowed.

So, make sure you don’t use the same hashtag every time because that might lead your profile into being flagged as spam. Using the right hashtag means reaching out to the right audience.



The more the people engage with you and you also take out time from your day to engage back, that’s going to show Instagram that that’s the content that people want to see and it will increase your chances of your posts going up on the newsfeed. That is why community engagement plays a very important role.



The more you engage with people especially the ones who are following you the more popular you will become, and people would become curious about you and would want to reach out to you.

STEP 10.


If you plan to outsource your work in terms of hiring someone to reply to clients for you make sure its not always automated messages, and you actually take time out to not lose that connection with your followers and pay heed to answers their quires and concerns.

If you are using Instagram for business and you want to attract clients and potential business opportunities it’s very helpful that message comes from you and you are the one who is actively posting and commenting on the posts and engaging.



Following hashtags according to your niche helps you to engage with the existing audience without having to search from them.

Following a hashtag will enable you to see random posts on your feed and will make it easier for you to engage with people of common interest and also your followers.

Final Words

Having a clear focus is very important for your growth on Instagram, having a clear niche is very important as people should be sure why they should follow you. Are you a travel page, a fashion page a motivational page you need to have clarity in terms of what you want to project on your profile.

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