How to Use Close Friends List on Instagram

Storytelling and sharing had never been this easy , engaging and colorful until Instagram took the internet by storm. At present with an evergrowing base of 500 million users, Instagram has become commonplace for uploading gifs, stories and keeping one’s online social circle updated.

Increased online networking widened our connectivity circles. In general, an Instagram user if not daily then every 10 days would connect with family members, colleagues, school friends or people who share the same interest. So now a typical user’s friends list had a lot more crowd added up from different social circles.


To keep the story sharing trend alive, Instagram a Facebook-owned social linking app, first introduced the “favorite “feature to the users in 2017. It allowed them share more among the limited groups of people. After a positive response to this feature, Instagram introduced finstagram-private accounts, where users could easily stay connected and share their stories with the closest accounts. Privacy evolved into an even better version with a new and dynamic feature of close friends.

Close friend feature 

Close friend feature saves you the time and unnecessary energy invested in individually sending your stories to multiple different contacts. Want to update your close friend’s list, add or remove people accordingly. 

People  won’t be notified about them being added or removed from the close friend list 

This smart feature might seem like just any other update. But keeping the user privacy and comfort zone maintained has always been the top priority among social linking applications. And Instagram has always maintained an active and user-friendly response to the latest demands.

How it works

Close friend feature works for IOS and Andriod’s official Instagram application. It doesn’t work when using Instagram on the web browser.

Follow these steps to add people to close friends list

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account.

2. Tap the button in the bottom right corner.

3. From here tap on the menu option at the top right corner.

4. A new selection pane shows up on the right, tap close friends option.

5. A list of suggested users based on your daily communication will be displayed

6. Tap the search icon on the top , if the desired user is not on the list.

7. You will see the green “add” option against each user.

8. Tap and add the required number of people in close friends list.

9. To share your story, tap your profile picture or swipe right to activate the camera. Record a story or take a picture.

10. You will see a green colored round icon at the bottom of your picture or video, tap it and share your story with the close friends.

11. You can always add and remove people from close friend’s list. Tap, then menu from here tap close friends list and update it as desired.

Keep sharing

keeping in view the user’s ease of connecting and sharing. Instagram introduced the  “Close friend “feature that allows sharing stories with selective people only. 

You can now comfortably share your latest stories with the inner circle. Share your travel diaries, your pet videos, a birthday surprise with family without worrying about coworkers or irrelevant people viewing it.

For a user-oriented application, what attracts the user promotes the application. An updated app accommodating all complex parameters of online social inter-networking wins the user’s interest at the end of the day.

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