10 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps For (Android/iPhone) 2020

Instagram! When you hear that word, a broad spectrum of world flashes in your mind. An app, where celebs connect with their fans, where millions of people upload their pictures from different regions of the world, sprinkled in different kinds of filters. We see some beautiful moments shared. The people share their daily routines and exciting events in the form of stories. So, conclusively one can say Instagram is world encapsulated in your phone.

Here we will present some of the best apps video apps for Instagram.

1. Boomerang (Download Link)

Boomerang is a perfect app for you if you are looking for some exceptional content, specifically including back and forth loop videos. It is a fun-filled user-friendly app containing exciting features. Boomerang allows its users to have never-ending entertainment. Whether you want to capture a memorable event, a funny moment, a beautiful short video from the front cam or something aesthetic, it is just one click away. All you have to do is press the button and let the app do the rest of the work. Sit back and enjoy the enchanting magic of boomerang.

2. Inshot (Download Link)

You are in a hurry, you need something quick and easy to edit your video but is lacking the knowledge of a perfect app. Inshot is what you need without a doubt. Cut or trim your video, edit it in your style and add some music to it, the perfect choice; Inshot. In need of a video clip edited with a blurry background, you do not want to go anywhere else because you have Inshot. The app also provides you with a video merger feature, so create two thoughtful or entertaining videos and merge them to create a masterpiece.

3. PowerDirector (Download Link)

PowerDirector is a powerful and professional video editing app that is among the best Instagram video apps, an apt choice for Instagram video content. The user has wide editing options ranging from slow motioning the video to creating perfect voiceovers and action movie effects utilizing the chroma key. If you want to edit your backgrounds of the video and want to put mono-colored or multi-colored ones, this app provides you with chroma key, which enables the user to do so. It is an app with a smoothly working timeline interface and has an excellent ability to stabilize the shaky frames of video.

4. Hyperlapse (iPhone)

Hyperlapse is a spectacular video editing app that would be a perfect choice as an Instagram video app because of its in-house stabilization and some exceptional time-lapse video making options. Those days are gone when a heavy and uncomfortable tripod was must for a fine time-lapse shot. The reason is this wonderful app, as it lets you create beautiful time-lapse content without the costly gadgets. Having a bonus feature of cinematic addition to your created video it instantly stabilizes the quality of your video and enhances its appearance. It certainly is one of the best IOS apps for Instagram video content.

5. Lapse it (Download Link)

Presenting you an award-winning video editing app, so, there should be no doubts about using it as an Instagram video app. A whole package contains a fantabulous feature of capturing amazing time-lapse along with the stop motion videos. Just take out your android phone, open this app and experience the exciting features. Lapse it also ensure premium quality render engine that was quickly making HD Instagram videos. A user can download Instagram videos he/she has created using this app and can store it on the phone.

6. Quik by GoPro (Download Link)

As you can guess by its name, it is one of the best Instagram video app available, because of its easy structure. The user can effortlessly create some professional quality stuff by this particular app. It provides a plethora of beautiful and eye-catching features and effects that a user can use. The only thing he/she is required is to select the pictures and videos to edit, then after that, Quik will be at your service providing foremost outcomes.

7. Crop square video (iPhone)

Crop square video lands completely on the expectations of its name, as it is elementary to use Instagram video app. Here a user can also download the Instagram video. But before that, he/she is comprehensively entertained with multiple features of cropping, trimming and adjusting the best position of your video alongside adding beautiful background colors. It also allows its user to examine every minute detail of the video, thereby, leaving no stones unturned in enhancing its quality.

8. Clips (iPhone)

Presenting a professional yet user-friendly Instagram video app, where a user is provided with surfeit exciting options to edit the video and further sharing with friends and family. Artistic filters, emojis, animated texts and some awesome stickers all are wrapped up inside this useful app. Available for IOS only, users can also download Instagram videos which then saved in the phone’s memory. One of the best features of this app is that you can transform any video into a moody artistic painting, silent film or comic book illustrator.

9. Horizon (Download Link)

Been regarded as one of the best Instagram video app editor according to TechRadar, due to its brilliant features and introduction of the legendary horizontal video feature, independent of the position of your phone. Ending the unwanted vertical video recording feature, it allows the user to create horizontal videos in portrait mode! Yes, you heard it right. Edit your videos and share it among your family and friends using this wonderful app.

10. FilmoraGo (Download Link)

Here is the app that solved a frequently occurring concern of the users, FilmoraGo provided the users with content free of the watermark. A handy Instagram video app, offering basic and beautiful transition, text additions and filters to enhance the captivity of a video. You can share the creative videos edited by this app in your friends and family. Music from your device can also be added into the videos, providing a handy feature to the users. You can easily download Instagram videos through this app.


Hence, there are so many apps that we can use on Android and IOs as well that can keep us busy l. Instagram has so many other functions and especially these apps have made our lives easier and colorful. These apps have added more interest to Instagram. 

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